#RPG – DrivethruRPG’s Christmas in July Sale!

There’s a whole bunch of stuff on sale, including many of my titles, so why not CHECK IT OUT!

Machinations of the Space Princess is a very svelte $7.19. A great deal for endless ‘old skool’ space adventure. It’s a complete game in one bundle, with a somewhat innovative and completely open ‘species builder’, as well as an expanded skill system derived from Lamentations of the Flame Princess.


Agents of SWING is a fab $5.62. That ain’t even five bob guv’nor. Maybe it’s an evil plot by some machiavellian superfiend? If so, I’m sure you put an end to it!


If super-powered, interdimensional, corporate heroics are more your speed, you can join the fight to protect Earth from parallel incursions.


I’d buy that for a Dollar!

RPGNOW has a big sale on and you can go here and spend your hard-earned cash on our PDFs and thereby make me happy. At least, as happy as one can be whilst being pelted with Olympic propaganda from all sides.

To double my pleasure you could pop across and drop the money you save on the Machinations of the Space Princess. There’s, just barely, time to fund it IF you pull your finders out your arses.