#RPG #TTRPG #WeirdHookMonth – Hygiene


The Hook

When the sun sets it’s time to clean The Tube. Not only do you have to clean fast food wrappers from the third rail, but there’s the giant roaches, armed tube mice, vampires, Victorian cannibals, ghost trains and ‘The Gap’. All this for minimum wage and the pick of lost property.

Suggested Systems

Blood!, All Flesh Must be Eaten, Chill, The Laundry Files

Art by Haruki Design

#RPG #TTRPG #WeirdHookMonth – Sleeplessness

asya-yordanova-room4The Hook

Every time you fall asleep, for some reason your group fall asleep at the same time, the world gets a little stranger, more nightmarish. It starts with misplaced furniture and missing pets, then it starts to get weirder and more hellish until it’s hard to imagine a worse world.

Suggested Systems

Little Fears, Chill, Kult.