Camelot Cosmos: Plots of the Nephilim

In The Camelot Cosmos the followers of the Nephilim are the most likely source of opposition to the ambitions and plans of player characters. All of the Nephilim Ascended believe that humanity should either be corrupted and enslaved (the position adopted most famously by Lucifer) or utterly destroyed. The thought of a human society, let alone human individuals, who refuse to bow down and serve the Nephilim is hateful to them in the extreme, and in the case of powerful individuals who refuse to serve the situation cannot be regarded as anything other than a threat. The Nephilim remember the attempts of First Empire corporations to destroy them, and the myths and legends which have accrued over the centuries since have not lessened their hatred and fear. It is for this reason that every Nephilim Ascended seeks to recruit cults of followers and continually engage in schemes designed to increase their influence and power not only over humanity but also over each other. The Nephilim are not in any sense united, and employ cultists as disposable weapons in their schemes against their fellows. GMs should remember that any of these schemes are just as likely to be aimed at other Nephilim worshippers as they are to be aimed at followers of the Seraphim.

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Camelot Cosmos: Lords of Brass and Vassal Knights RELEASED!

124935Lords of Brass and Vassal Knights provides full details for 130 noble families including a one or two paragraph description, a motto, a heraldic device and details of strengths and weaknesses common to that family. These descriptions are for the families of the Pendragon realm in the Camelot Cosmos RPG but are generic enough to be useable with minor adaptation in any fantasy gaming setting.

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Camelot Cosmos: Our Honoured Blood RELEASED!

The history of the realm of Pendragon is, in many ways, the history of its noble houses, the long, bloody, often glorious and sometimes shameful record of the ambitions, victories and defeats of the powerful individuals who have steered their families to greatness and schemed and fought their way to the very apex of Pendragon society. Noble houses have determined which among their number have held the crown, and have always competed against each other to ensure nearness to or control over the throne. They have also influenced the election of Arch-Bishops of Camelot, placed their second sons in senior positions within the church, formed the backbone of the Pendragon Legion, prosecuted the war against Morgan le Fay, betrayed their King and raised rebellions or saved their monarch’s life and crushed uprisings against him. No monarch of Kingsland can be successful without the support of the great noble houses, and yet each must also be aware that if he allows them too much power or grants them too many concessions his own royal authority is irrevocably weakened.

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Our Honoured Blood is a supplement for Camelot Cosmos.

The game would also make a great background to use Machinations of the Space Princess in.

Camelot Cosmos: Streets of Bone & Skies of Ash RELEASED

The realm of Morgan’s Curse is the heart of Queensland, the homeland of the vast resources of men and material which sustain the Morganite war effort. It is an enormous realm consisting of a wide variety of landscapes, the majority of which are unsuitable for habitation or hostile to the establishment of human settlements. Harsh deserts and baking salt flats are commonplace, as are bleak interior plains of cracked badlands in which little moisture forms and rains are too infrequent to allow any form of agriculture. And yet the very size of the realm ensures that there are also a few highly fertile regions, and it was in these, usually at the coast or at the mouth of great rivers, that the mighty cities of the realm were founded. Through the course of its settled history, the population of the realm has massively increased, and this is the effect of a deliberate policy. When Queen Isabella arrived with her defeated band of followers, she feared pursuit and capture more than she feared the harsh conditions of the realm itself. For this reason she encouraged the growth of a new morality, one very distinct from the morals of Pendragon. Sexual freedom was promoted even whilst political freedom was curtailed, and both male and female followers were encouraged to believe that it was their duty to procreate and thus build a newer, stronger and larger body of followers for their Queen. Only through this means was it thought possible to defend the Queen and return in triumph to Pendragon.

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Camelot Cosmos is a science-fantasy game of Arthurian adventure in a post-apocalyptic, interplanetary future. This supplement is system neutral but Camelot Cosmos itself uses a tightened and more traditional approach to the otherwise Indie-tastic FATE system.

Interview at Roleplayer’s Chronicle

Me and Daniel (Camelot Cosmos) had a chat with Roleplayer’s Chronicle and you can read it HERE

Camelot Cosmos: The Scroll of Kings RELEASED

A history of the Cosmos told through the lives of its monarchs.

The great and good, the foul and fair. Each monarch described, their reign spelled out.

Here you’ll hear of the events of their reign and the legacy they have left.

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Camelot Cosmos is a bit of a strange duck as a game, admittedly. It’s FATE, but it’s set up and designed more along the lines of a traditional RPG. It’s a science fiction game that plays as a fantasy game and a post-apocalypse that’s rather rural and medieval rather than everyone jetting around in dune buggies and fetish-ware.

Still, I think its worth your time and I think Daniel did a great job kitbashing FATE into something a more traditional RPer would recognise.

We’re contemplating a second edition – possibly under a different rules-set since people didn’t quite ‘grok’ what we were doing with FATE but that won’t be any time soon.

Meanwhile you can get the whole thing for a song as a BUNDLE.

Camelot Cosmos: The Tide of Years RELEASED!

The Camelot Cosmos, a dark age in space struggling towards a new enlightenment.

The Tide of Years expands the background and history of the game world providing new adventure ideas and insight into the past.

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Camelot Cosmos: Coins Washed in Blood RELEASED!

A guide to coinage and a basic equipment guide for the Camelot Cosmos. A little more flavour and understanding of the various worlds of the game.

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Camelot Cosmos: Dark Nights & Days of Wonder RELEASED!

Time is important to the denizens of the Camelot Cosmos. Dark Nights & Days of Wonder details the dating conventions, festivals and feasts of the Camelot Cosmos and can be used to add colour to your games.

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Complete Camelot Cosmos bundle HERE

(Player’s book, GM’s book, Hawk’s Hollow – setting/adventure – and Dark Nights & Days of Wonder).

Camelot Cosmos – Hawk’s Hollow – RELEASED

The following adventure is intended for beginning players using the FATE roleplaying system and theCamelot Cosmos setting.

This introductory adventure should provide players and GMs alike with a good sense of the unique features of the Camelot Cosmos setting and a base for future adventures, but is also designed to be easily adapted to other fantasy roleplaying systems and settings if required.



Camelot Cosmos Bundle (PDF)