Coming Soon (imminently): Wizkid: The Cheapening

Coming very, very soon – likely early next week – is the next Shadow World game, Wizkid: The Cheapening. This brings magical kids and hoity-toity private magical schools into your Bloodsucker and Chav games along with their create, destroy, nerf and buff magic(k)s.

Obviously, obviously, the main thrust of this is to take the piss out of Harry Potter but it’s also a hell of a hit at Mage (all versions), fan fiction, slash fiction, forum/journal roleplay, otherkin, MMORPGs, supernatural romance novels, cheap supernatural TV and the commodification of Wicca and Neopaganism.

Wizkid has a much more focussed arena of play that the other games, the school structure is perfect for creating tight little farces and campaigns based around classes, schools, staff, pupil romances, school mysteries, detentions and all the other nonsense of school days. School experiences are something that everyone shares and that makes them a great background for a game.

This is Xpress powered, as all future Shadow World releases will be and, honestly, I’m tempted to turn one of my long promised projects into a supplement for it!

You’ll love it, especially with Raven’s lovely art.

You can get the other Xpress Shadow World games HERE
You can read the Shadow World development blog HERE

Why you should buy and Play Shadow World Games

With the Gothistocrats cliquebook out now’s a good opportunity to revisit The Shadow World, The Life of Angst and the whole game line. Gothistocrats expands on one of the cliques of the first game, Bloodsucker: The Angst, the game of teenage vampire wannabes with delusions of grandeur. So, here’s five reasons you should buy and play the games in this line…

1. If you’ve played any of the games that this line takes the piss out of then you’re in for a treat. The whole thing is a massive in-joke, of sorts. Particularly if you had the misfortune to be part of its LARP society/fan club/dystopian bureaucratic nightmare. Not to say that you have to have been, but it helps. There’s plenty there if you’ve experienced goth culture as well. Whether you’ve got a fond, nostalgic love or a raging hate on, you’ll be well served.

2. They’re fun. You’ve got plenty of comedy fuel to work with and arrogant people with delusions of grandeur and massive incompetence are inherently funny.

3. Ian Warner’s taken on the line and he’s extended and expanded it in a whole new direction. Whereas the original Bloodsucker: The Angst was very much based around deluded teenagers but the expansions and companion games have broadened the game into a much wider satire of… certain games… and more things besides.

4. More than any other game line this one has a unified look with great art by Raven Morrison throughout all the existing lines and into the future with the forthcoming Wizkid.

5. With Ian working on this line it has some constant support via his Shadow World blog and that makes it a more fully-featured and supported game line, rather than a ‘one off’ (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and you can influence development by telling us what you want and what you’d like to see.

You can buy this game line on PDF HERE
Or in hardcopy HERE

It’s also available at other PDF outlets.

New Release: Cliquebook – Gothistocrats

The secrets of the Gothistocrat clique laid bare including the mysteries of Dominion and the strange powers of The Douche. You get to know all the intimate secrets of this ruling clique who define ‘true goth’ and you get a fistful of NPCs for your games as well.

Xpress System.

You can buy it HERE

Shadow World: The Ourobowrong

An ancient symbol the Ourobowrong is meant as a warning and a curse to those who are too enamoured of their own Machiavellian schemes. It is a sage reminder that the more complex the plot, the more people that are involved, the less likely it is to remain secret and the less likely it is to succeed.

Out-of-game the Ourobowrong is the identifying symbol of The Shadow World line, a rallying flag for those who like the line of games and a way of identifying fan material that you write for it. All of which, however contradictory, overpowered or stupid is official so long as the author sends us a copy and includes this symbol on their work.

In game the Ourobowrong is a symbol of the mysterious ‘Old Boys Network’, the secret masters of the Shadow World who manipulate all the vaguely-supernatural races from behind the scenes using the power of the Metagame and the abuse of their temporal and transtemporal power. Some of their secret knowledge has spread to others though, resulting in the widespread use of the following ritual by Crowleys, Chemistz and Wizkids…

Curse of the Ourobowrong
Over the course of half an hour the caster knots, unties and re-knots a piece of string until it begins to fall apart at which point he intones:

“Are you a piece of string?”

To which an assistant should answer:

“No, I’m a frayed knot.”

The curse affects a single target and lasts for a whole 48 hours, enough to ruin a weekend. During this period anyone attempting to assist the target or to do something on their behalf has their DC raised by 5 (or increases the difficulty for the person that they’re assisting by 1 per helper* or increases the difficulty by 1**

The GM should keep these modifiers secret so that the players don’t cheat like the conniving bastards they all are.

*OGL version.
** Xpress version.

Bloodsucker: The Batshit – XPRESS EDITION


OK, so, you like watching Star Trek on occasion.
Maybe you wrote in to try and stop Firefly being
cancelled. Maybe you got a bit out of sorts when
the reboot of Battlestar Galactica had Starbuck as
a woman. Maybe you even got a flash of anger when
The Daleks went from being genocidal pepper pots to
the Mighty Morphing Nazi Rangers.

It’s not like you wear a Starfleet uniform to
work is it? It’s not like you believe that
Twilight is real and that you’re going to be
swept off your feet by a glittery vampire.

It’s not as though you honestly believe
that you’re the reincarnated soul of a
half-elf, half-ocelot who protrudes into the
collective unconcious in the form of obscure
Japanese Hentai Games.

It’s not like you rugby-tackled David
Duchovney while he was out jogging,
screaming that you ‘believed’ and that the
smoking man was after you.

You’re not THAT guy.

But The Batshit… they ARE that guy.

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Or in hardcopy on  LULU

Bloodsucker: The Juice – XPRESS EDITION


A companion volume and guide for Bloodsucker: The Angst by new writer Ian Warner with new cliques, new powers, new foes, a little extra social and GMing guidance and more*

Wallow in satirical nostalgia with Bloodsucker: The Juice!

*Not that much more.

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Or in print at LULU

Blooduscker: The Angst – XPRESS EDITION


“Stimpy, it hurts! Why?”
– Ren Hoek

Welcome to A Life of Angst, a world not dissimilar to our own but no less frightening for it. Perhaps the nights are a little darker, the jeans a little baggier and the top twenty a little sparser when it comes to good tunes, but the world is as ours is.

With a few little additions, like vampires stalking the land by night, nothing to be too concerned about.

Some mysterious force has allowed those who most wished they were immortal creatures of the night to become them. Goths, punks, nu-metallers, spooky kids and the simply outcast of teenage society have found themselves transformed by one means or another into the very creature they would most desire to be.

The Bloodsucker roleplaying game allows players to take the part of one of these transformed subculture denizens and to explore the darkest nights in the world of the Bloodsuckers, discovering fell secrets*, attending dark and dingy nightclubs, pubs and warehouse parties, drinking far more absinthe than is strictly healthy for you and, perhaps most importantly, smoking cloves.

While most will play the part of alter-egos that they create, the Games Master will determine the world for you, describing the scenes to you and helping you explore the lives of your characters while placing obstacles in your path as you attempt to better the lot of your counterparts and advance them in the society of the Bloodsuckers until all fall before your might.

*Fell secrets may neither be as fell, nor secret, as advertised.

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Or in hardcopy from LULU

Shadow World Website

Ian has set up a website for the promotion and development of the ‘Shadow World’ or ‘Angst’ game lines. On it you will get regular (I hope) updates on the development of the series as well as exclusive preview content. Go to to join in the fun

Bloodsucker: The Play – Bush Green

Fans of the Shadow World may have noticed Bloodsucker: The Play has been taken down from RPG Now. It’s not gone though. It’s moved. is a theatrical networking site who publish plays. We thought that our plays would be better published on there where Theatre types can see them than on RPG sites. So both Bloodsucker: The Play and the brand spanking new Chav: The Play are availible to download from Bush Green.

Bush Green requires a free registration to use and makes a tiny charge for script downloads.

We hope that this new method of publication will get us more interest in the Plays and may be even a performance or two. Here’s to hoping.


A Response to ‘Gay-Bashing’ Criticism

These guys are serious, me, not so much.
It has come to my attention that some people have objected to the use of the term ‘Gay-bashing’ in the advertising for Call of Chavthulu for Chav: The Knifing. Now, I’m no stranger to controversy and misunderstanding, the book The Slayer’s Guide to Female Gamerswas questioned amongst US distributors who, apparently, were under the misapprehension that it was a guide on how to kill women. Some of the other comedy work I’ve done has been derided or criticised by the overly PC suffering from ‘White Knight Syndrome’ and Hentacle has even been accused of being ‘fetishised child rape’ – which as hyperbolic criticism and over-sensitivity to what’s plainly and obviously comedy has to take the biscuit.Here’s what the advertising/descriptive copy said:

A by-the-numbers expansion for Chav: The Knifing with new Credoz, new Talentz, new Life Templates, new game systems new fluff and advice and new things to beat up because they:

“Looked at me funny.”

All the kind of stuff that could have been put into the main book but wasn’t because either we need more money or because it was too ‘weak-sauce’ to really engage anyone’s interest. This supplement mill lark is a laugh, innit?

All the gay-bashing, cider-drinking, goth-stomping fun you can handle.

Now, this is fairly, obviously, a piss-take, or so one would think. It’s taking the piss out of the RPG supplement mill, it’s taking the piss out of template approach TO the RPG supplement mill and it’s taking the piss out of Chavs. It is obviously satirical and not, actually, a game about beating up homosexuals but about making fun of the very sort of people that do abuse homosexuals. It’s not RaHoWa, it’s not FATAL, if you can compare it to anything it would be Freak Legion where you’re playing retarded, disgusting villains for the thrill and humour in making fun of that very sort of person, or for creating villains for your Bloodsucker: The Angst games.

Writing about Chavs and missing out their paranoia about ‘batty boys’, ‘shirtlifters’, ‘chutney ferrets’ and ‘uphill gardeners’ (don’t taboos throw up a lot of euphemisms?) would be like leaving the dragons out of Dungeons & Dragons.

Even if this explanation doesn’t placate you, keep in mind that you do not have a right to not be offended. At time of posting this explanation, that was still a point being made in the light of the ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’ fallout. Freedom of expression is more important than your personal offence, especially if you’re taking offence at something that is, after all, on your side! This isn’t hate speech, it is making jokes at the expense of homophobes and when you laugh at something, when you ridicule something, you disempower it.