#RPG #Art Darkzel Art Scholarship – A Message from Zel’s Mum

Main Fundraiser: https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/darkzel-art-scholarship-2016-17/x/586741

Paypal Donations & Submissions to grim@postmort.demon.co.uk

Entrants must be art students or artists in reduced circumstances.

Submissions need to be in print resolution (300-600 dpi) and 1/4 page (A6) or larger.

Submissions can be in black and white, or colour.

Submissions will be sold as stock art to both promote the artist and to support the scholarship in following years.

Payout will be at the end of January or the beginning of February.

Chronicles of Gor – Dead Trees


It’s been suggested by some that I’m just in this for the moolah (which at this point remains to be seen), rather than being a TruFan™.

Here are the Gor books that I was gifted some 20+ years ago.

And some of my favourite covers.

As you can see. They are actual, real, physical books, wot I own.

The Roger Dean-esque font is delicious, but sadly probably a little tooooo 70s for anything but nouveau-prog rock album covers any more. The free font Medusa is very similar, if you fancy having a go with it yourself.

Some of the fantasy greats worked on covers for the paperbacks.

Burns being one of my most favourite fantasy artists, and the one I think made the best Gorean cover, this one for Explorers of Gor.

With an art pedigree like this, you can see why I want enough money to make these books visually striking!




Art Jobs Now Closed

I’ve assigned out the art jobs I had going, but the response was tremendous and I found a whole bunch of good artists through this. Thanks to everyone who applied and who passed on the message.

Of particular note were the following and if I can’t give them the work, at least I can give them a boost and maybe you can give them work:

Chaz Kemp: Awesome Nouveau style, and I pet they could be provoked into Deco with a pointy stick.

Janto: Sparse, effective, stark B&W illustrations suited to any horror game.

Craig Brasco: I get a very French, BD, vibe from this work and would definitely use them for SF or urban fantasy.

Sean Forney: Deliciously superheroic.

Wayne O Connor: I love this stuff. Some of it has a Tim Buron feel, some of it reminds me of Alan Davis’ run on Captain Britain or DR & Quinch. Fucking awesome.

Cognoggin: Makes me think of Spacemaster for some reason. This is not a bad thing. Definitely worth a look, great pencils.

Practically everyone who applied was great in one way or another, but I just wanted to point these out as the stand-outs.