Agents of SWING: Minifigs RELEASED!

42 card stock figures for you to use in Agents of SWING or any other game (good for keeping track on FATE area maps or for skirmish games).

Download it HERE

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Good News Everyone!

It has come to my attention, after a little gentle prodding, that things are somewhat on the move again in our partnership with Cubicle 7 Entertainment. Some delayed projects should be getting a little bit of a punt back into gear and after some delay Agents of SWING will be available through Cubicle 7 as well and will go into proper distribution.


All this stuff is extremely unpredictable and sort of tentative at the moment but I have my reassurances that things will be getting back into gear and I shall endeavour to let you know as and when I know more. Still, SWING getting into distro? Groovy baby!

Agents of SWING – Darkest Before Dawn

1960 – January

The Mau-Mau Uprising is coming to an end with the state of emergency being withdrawn and the first movements towards decolonisation beginning. It’s been a messy decade or so of conflict at various levels in Kenya. All sides, British, Mau-Mau, colonial and Kikiyu loyalist came off badly in the conflict with many atrocities and human rights violations, executions without due process, acts of terrorism and murder as well as working prisons that have, in later years, been characterised as gulags.

The post-colonial peace and the status of the negotiations is under risk due to the actions of a Colonial soldier (Captain Withers) who is ideologically opposed to the end of colonial rule. He is being surreptitiously supplied with funds by CONDEM agents within the British aristocracy and government and is continuing his war against the Kenyans, ironically in much the same way as they had continued their guerilla war. If he pulls off an atrocity all the progress of recent years could end up demolished.

SWING wishes to deal with Captain John Withers and his colonialist supporters, preferably as quietly and with as little violence as possible. Better to bring him back as a prisoner to British shores.

Withers is occupying the forests around Mount Kenya along with his men and making hit and run attacks and assassinations upon surrounding villages and towns that were strong supporters of the Mau-Mau during the uprising. The agents will need to get to Kenya and explore the wilderness and the towns to find him, fox his attempts to create violent conflict and help create a more peaceful transition to post-colonial rule. All the while surrounded by colonial settlers who support Withers and suspicious Kenyans who resent and suspect their presence.

Captain Withers

After the war a lot of soldiers became rather harsh school teachers. Withers is the type, but rather than accepting defeat and rejoining ordinary society he remained in the army and then when even that began to become ‘wishy-washy’ and ‘liberal’ he angled for colonial postings and eventually broke ranks. He’s a principled, honourable man, the thing is his principles are horrible and he’s a terrible racist.

Concept: Embarrassing Relic of the Empire
Honourable, with the right people.
White Superiority.
Tactical Genius.
They’re just bloody wogs!
They don’t like it up ’em.
I learned the jungle with the Chindits.
Anachronistic Gentleman.
Tough as old boots.

Solid +3: Guns, Leadership.
Hip +2: Resolve, Stealth, Survival.
Cool +1: Alertness, Athletics, Contacts, Drive, Endurance, Fists, Social Standing, Weaponry.

Army of One
Body Armour
Born Leader
Danger Sense
Old School Tie

Service Pistol: +2 physical stress.

Physical Stress: OOOOOO
Composure Stress: OOOOOO
Social Stress: OOOOOO


Marjorie Smithers

CONDEM’s chosen agent in the field, Marjorie smithers is an Amazonian, horsey woman with a braying laugh and a line in knee-boots and jodhpurs. She is psychotically devoid of empathy and regards other human beings largely as props. If she wasn’t so huge she’d be considered beautiful, in a rather toothsome upper-class sort of way.

Physical +3
Social +2
Mental +4

Stress: OOOO


Contacts +2, Athletics +1, Deceit  +1

Colonialist Terrorists

A mixture of arch conservative Kenyans and militant settlers afraid of losing what their family has invested in the country over the years.

Quality +2
Skills: Guns, Weaponry
Stress: O
Equipment: Fatigues, rifles, machetes.

New Clip Art Critters and Other Stuff

Check them out, and everything else, HERE.

We’ve also re-indexed all of our clipart with more easily searchable names and have a free catalogue you can get HERE.

We still have a few Deluxe Agents of SWING copies left for those who might want them (Limited number will be available at Dragonmeet & Indiecon).

The deluxe Agents of SWING box contains:

  • Hardback copy of the main book.
  • Copies of the Agent’s Handbook (Character sheets for players)
  • A copy of the Control Handbook (GMs notes and NPCs notebook)
  • Branded pencils.
  • Hand-distressed and liveried box-file
  • Dice for Agents & Control
  • Fate Chips
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Unique adventure seed

Contact Postmortem directly (grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk) to order. It’s priced at £60 (which includes shipping, anywhere in the world).

There are also a limited number of copies of Call of Cthentacle and its supplement, The Dunbitch Horror, sold together for £15 (again including shipping). Contact at the above address the same if you’re interested in that.

General Update

What ho chaps and chapettes?

Quick update as to what’s going on lately…

I’m mostly working very hard on Outbreak and I crave your indulgence while I beaver away on that as it’s going to get in the way of a lot of other work that I’m doing. Outbreak is an Interactive Fiction game project that’s planned to come out across social and mobile media, all being well. It’s a lot of work and it needs to be good as money’s dependant on the success of the project.

Several short projects are in process to come up, Irrepressible! (based on Journey to the West), Lady Bexington’s Home for Wayward Zombies (a cheap board game produced in a similar manner to the 6-Packs),  ImagiNation (a weird post-apocalyptic Britain using the Neverwhere rules), Autopsy 4 and some clipart in the pipeline for when our sale finishes and a couple of other projects I’m not ready to announce yet.

Also in process are – still – Gosh, Spies! for Agents of SWING (Our teen-tween adventurer supplement with a focus on girl characters), Nefarious! also for Agents of SWING. We’ll also be bringing you more 6-Packs and, eventually, collected editions of those adventures. We may also be dipping into campaigns in the future, given the reasonable reception of our adventures.

Please bear with August was a tough month due to two illnesses and Outbreak is going to take up most of my time for the next month or two. There’s a lot of catching up to do and things are going to be done, when they’re done, possibly with little warning.

Keep a special eye out for Doxy – part of the history farce series – and Camelot Kosmos, arthurian fantasy amongst the stars.

Gosh, Spies! (Preview)

TitleWendyGosh, Spies! will be coming along soonish, though it’s going to be delayed by some urgent Interactive Fiction work for Kindle, iStore and Social Networking.

Gosh, Spies! is a supplement for Agents of SWING and will expand the SWING world into the realms of children’s, tweens and teens adventure fiction, drawing on such diverse sources as Enid Blyton, Hanna Barbera and ‘Keene’/’Dixon’ as well as later skits and reinterpretations of the same ideas and characters, giving our own spin on them.

As well as a catalogue of pre-generated characters from these sources you’ll get rules expansions for making youthful characters, rules changes for running child-investigations, suggestion on how to run games for a younger audience – particularly girls and a bunch of background information on SWING’s younger agents, their training and the boarding schools where they teach them to be spies.

Essentially, Gosh, Spies! will provide you with a bunch of characters and villainous organisations suited to the sub-genre (though I’ll try to avoid ‘Gypsies’ as a villainous group) and a whole lot of expansionary material. We thrive on feedback here at Postmortem Studios though and would love you to let us know what material you’d like to see come out for Agents of SWING besides the planned ‘Nefarious’ villains book, Gosh, Spies! and the as-yet-unnamed gadget catalogue.

Do you want more adventures? Perhaps a campaign against a singular villainous agency? What about a guide to SWINGing London? Perhaps something more ‘adult’ or psychedelic, these were the times of Free Love and Happenings after all.

If you want to run Agents of SWING – or any of our other games – at a convention we’re happy to lend support in any way we can. Same goes for if you’re willing to run demo games online via Infrno or other, similar services. We’d also appreciate it, if you like our games, that you’d tell others about it by blog or tweet or status update, by review or forum post. Feedback is wonderful, so it seeing enthusiasm for our games reflected in the community and as a small, independent publisher that kind of positivity is something one really needs.

I’d also like to remind you all that we have a couple of copies of the SWING deluxe set still available. The Deluxe Set contains a hardback copy of the main rulebook, copies of the Agent’s and Control notebooks, SWING branded pencils, dice sets and chips. Everything you need to play the game in a shiny blue box. Limited copies will be available at Dragonmeet & Indiecon but if you want to be sure to get one, you need to order soon.

SWING is a very fun game to write and develop for as well as – hopefully – a fun game for you to play. The streamlined and simplified version of FATE that we developed for SWING is likely to be the foundation of future FATE games that we develop and so any general suggestions regarding the way that the SWING version works would also be greatly appreciated.

Getting feedback and excitement from gamers is like getting blood from a stone sometimes but, be assured, Postmortem Studios does listen.

You can buy Agents of SWING here or in hardcopy here.





Agents of SWING: Gosh, Spies! Preview

Gosh, Spies! is going to cover the phenomenon of child/tween/teen spies within the world-setting of Agents of SWING. It will largely concentrate on the young ladies since I’ll also be drawing on the old girl’s comics like Bunty and Jackie for inspiration as well as the Blyton style mystery solvers like The Famous Five, Secret Seven and so on, not to mention Nancy Drew. The main concentration will be on the Gosh Girls and another travelling team of lady mystery solvers, The Teen Valkyries (minus Captain Neanderthal after the… incident).

There will also be rules and guidelines for making child/tween/teen characters of all genders, writing adventures suitable for younger characters (and players) and capturing the feel of these sorts of sources, whether modern reinventions or harking back to the classics.

Why would SWING use child investigators? Well, SWING is an unconventional organisation and not bound by the laws and moralities that might govern others. Many agents have children and want to stay close to them, many children have special abilities or are the first port of call when their brilliant scientist fathers want to experiment with something. Children are often overlooked and thus can make great spies and what with the various enemies determined to recruit young, SWING needs to do the same. Great agents CAN be made at Spy School!

Coming soon(ish).


The Agents of SWING deluxe box set is ready and available for purchase.

This is a limited and not-to-be-repeated line of only 10 copies.

2 are being reserved, one for Dragonmeet, one for Indiecon.

The price is £50 + £10 P&P.

First come, first served.

For your money you get:

A hand-distressed, liveried box-file containing:

  • One hardback copy of Agents of SWING (2nd Printing).
  • One copy of the Control Casefile.
  • Five copies of the Agent’s Casefile.
  • Tube of poker chips in red, white, blue, black and yellow.
  • Six ‘Agents of SWING’ pencils with erasers.
  • One ‘flower power’ eraser.
  • One ‘old school’ metal pencil sharpener.
  • One Agents of SWING symbol badge.
  • Enough dice for five players and Control (red, white, blue, black, yellow)
  • A unique adventure seed, written by me for each box.

Everything you need to play, right out of the box.

For purchase details contact me by e-mail
Shiny Pictures

Agents of SWING: DDT (By Ian Warner)





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The Department of Dirty Tricks (DDT)

Agents of swing villains by Ian Warner


“Good men do bad things so you can sleep safely at night.”

Throughout history governments have used deniable organisations to perform morally dubious operations. For all their claims of being better than their enemies there is no Government on Earth today that has not authorised at least one of these “Black Operations.”

As awesome as SWING are at keeping the world safe they do have some standards and lines they will not cross.

The idea of an international deniable asset that deals with dirty work for the good of mankind in general is at least as old as SWING but the history of the Department of Dirty Tricks (unfortunately abbreviated to DDT) is even more shrouded in secrecy by its very nature.

Even the cheerfully informal SWING is a lot better organised and laid out in hierarchical terms than the chaotic mesh of the DDT.

There are rumours of a connection between the two organisations some even going so far as to suggest the DDT is the legendary Section 13. Any Agent who investigates into the connection however doesn’t get far before “accidentally shooting themselves with a gun they were never issued with.” 

The DDT are supposed to be completely deniable so they are unlikely to co operate with SWING operations. However they can become a threat when their operatives go rogue which considering the nature of their operations is more than likely.

The problem is SWING tends to find itself chasing shadows when fighting off the DDTs excesses. Worst still it brews resentment between the two organisations that may well one day spill over into outright war.

SWING may have the numbers advantage but the DDT is full of some of the nastiest murderers, terrorists and criminals in the business.

Good luck Agents!

Scale: Small: Exact numbers are unknown but there are only a few hundred DDT Operatives at most.
Scope: Global: Despite being small these guys really are everywhere. Worst still they could be anyone too.
Arenas: Intelligence, Terrorism, Crime, Law Enforcement, Science, Medicine.
Aspects: We Don’t Exist, Morally Bankrupt
Skills: Secrecy +4 (Neat), Assassination and Information +2 (Hip)
Physical Stress: 5
Composure Stress: 5  
Social Stress: 5

Operative Stockhausen
“If I had wanted to kill your child I’d have just shot her and dumped her in the swimming pool. Consider this a warning. Get Wilson to call me.” 

There is no definite leader of the DDT but its most notorious member is both the main contact and the best field agent.

He appears in his late 60s but he has the vigour, resilience and dexterity of a 20 year old. There may well be something pseudoscientific or supernatural behind this but nobody has ever got close enough to find out.

He appears extremely calm and composed and even in the heat of combat barely bats an eyelid. The “classic secret agent” look of the long coat and trilby hat only serves to accentuate this creepy stoicism to the point where he is almost like an evil ghost Dick Tracy.

Little is known of his background: It is suspected even his name is false. Mossad has a Stockhausen on its list of wanted war criminals but it is unlikely that this is the same one. His old Etonion accent is one of the few things about him that isn’t false.

Name: Classified: Stockhausen is used for convenience.
Concept: Cold killer in a trilby
Aspects: A Man With A Mission, Unscrupulous, “Who are you supposed to be Granddad?”, “Come and Get me You Old Git”, Perfect Murderer, Right Place Right Time, Plays All Sides, Always Armed

+8 (Out of Sight): Fists, Guns, Melee
+ 4 (Neat): Endurance, Intimidation, Resolve, Stealth

Postmortem? This Man is Alive! (Unique): Provided his head hasn’t been completely obliterated Stockhausen can come back from the dead 4 hours after having died by spending a FATE Point.
Army of One: Enemies do not get a ganging up bonus.
Cool Hand: No penalties for shaky hands.
Accidentally Killed Himself while cleaning his Gun (Unique): Stockhausen can spend a FATE Point to rig any Murder he commits to look like a suicide.       

Stress Thresholds
Physical: 7
Composure: 7
Social: 5 

Silenced Pistol +2, Garrotte -1 (Escalates)  

Other Agents
When you fight the DDT you will not be mowing down goons in brightly coloured jumpsuits. You will be playing cat and mouse with Operatives every bit as competent as the average SWING Agent. Hell if the rumours about Stockhausen are true the DDT may even put you up against the dark side of your own personality grafted into a clone or robot body!


The full and proper announcement – with some pictures and so on to whet your appetite – will come on Monday. They’re all 95% prepared now though so I can tell you precisely what you’ll get for your money.There are only ten sets. One is being saved for Indiecon and one for Dragonmeet leaving eight for general sale.

  • Hand-distressed and SWING liveried blue box containing…
  • Enough dice for five players and Control (red, white, blue, black and yellow).
  • Poker chips for FATE points (same colours).
  • Five copies of the Agent’s Casefile for your players.
  • One copy of Control’s Casefile for Control.
  • Six Agents of SWING branded pencils.
  • Pencil sharpener.
  • Flower Power Eraser
  • Agent’s of SWING badge.
  • Individual adventure seed, unique to each box.