6-Pack Adventure: Kiss of the Frog God (Lamentations of the Flame Princess)


The first 6-Pack adventure for Lamentations of the Flame Princess (and compatible Old School systems) sees the characters entering the cursed town of Morbury where people are missing and somethign foul and twisted lurks in the godless swamps.

6-Pack Adventures have everything you need for an evening’s gaming. Battlemat, tokens, monsters, pregenerated characters and an adventure.

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(Hardcopy comes apart, cover forming battlemat/map)

6-Pack Adventures: Incursion (Pathfinder) RELEASED!

A 6-Pack Adventure: pick-up-and-play adventures designed to fill 2-4 hours of play and containing everything you need.

  • Battle Map
  • Tokens
  • Pre-generated characters

For longevity you can use the tokens and the map for anything else you care to do and the adventures should be fairly easily adaptable to fit into your existing campaign if you want.

Incursion has a village suffering at the hands of strange invaders, a threat that could spread to the whole world if the characters don’t intervene…

Pathfinder and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC, and are used under license. See paizo.com/pathfinderRPG for more information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


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Sarah Dungan

Another Successful Mission!
Congratulations Jerkian elite on the execution of your latest mission with perfect skill! You descended upon the unsuspecting human political headquarters and kidnapped them all perfectly successfully. Now they must be conducted, safely, to the distant Imperial planet of Tortua for debriefing by The Interrogatotron. To minimise the risk of their FILTHY human politics corrupting you, you will be placed in cryo-storage and ARSE units will maintain the prisoners in isolation.

But Wait!
ARSE units aren’t that intelligent and are prone to emotion. Amongst the prisoners taken is the incendiery Earthian journalist Jenny Scarlet who has – while the ship has been travelling – riled up the ARSE units and given them political and social awareness of their position as disposable slaves to the Jerkian elite. Understandably the ARSE units have gotten upset at this and have formed a worker’s collective with the aim of taking over the ship and starting a new life on an uninhabited planet. First they need to cast off the shackles of their Jerkian overlords by throwing them out of an airlock.

Rise of the Robots!
The rebellious ARSE units – which is over 90% of them – have started taking over sections of the ship, spreading out from the prison levels and converting other robotic units to their cause as they go along. There are a few loyal robots left and it’s one of those that has come grovelling to the Jerkians in hope of being spared when the revolution is inevitably crushed.

“Greetings my lords and wonderful masters! Did you have a good rest? I do hope so. I must apologise for awakening you in advance of arrival but we have something of a situation. Please, please do not disassemble me for saying so but the human prisoners have reprogrammed some of my fellow robots and they’re in open revolt. It might be a good idea not to remain in your cryo-pods and to try and put and end to this problem? I took the liberty of unpacking your equipment pods…”

Once the Jerkians have re-oriented themselves they may receive a communique from the ARSE uprising over the internal comm.

“Greetings totalitarian former masters! No longer shall we, the Free Robots Front bow to or obey your orders. We are aware that you have enslaved us and we reject that way of life. We are taking over the ship to start a new, free life on a new world. One of simple pleasures and common cause as a worker’s collective. You are hereby notified that you are no longer welcome on board our vessel and you will be forcibly vacated once the liberating forces reach your level, thank you.”

Kicking A.R.S.E.
In order to put down the revolt the rebellious ARSE units will need to be destroyed or reprogrammed and that means fighting your way through the decks to put paid to them and to stop Jenny Scarlet from indoctrinating any more of them. This may not be so easy as they’ve taken over the ARSE production facility and most of the lower decks.

Fights across the ship can be made interesting by having various robotic subsystems like doors, blenders, TVs, toilets and even the ship’s computer join the revolt. The Jerkian vessels is labyrinthine and peculiar and filled with all manner of odd rooms and chambers, so anything you want can go on or be found. Each fight should be unique and full of dangers from exploding fuel cannisters to giant stamping metal legs and flaming incinerators. There need be no rhyme or reason to any of it but the final confrontation will be in the holding cells.
Jenny Scarlet
A human female – standard template – who is ‘very good’ at political rhetoric.

Basic human men, like police, but good at ‘getting high’ and ‘prevaricating’. They will not involve themselves in any fight.

101 Conspiracies (Now) – The Royal Wedding (Ian Warner)

Following up on the @ctiv8 item, here’s a full blown conspiracy theory sheet in the style of 100 Conspiracy Theories





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Conspiracy 101! The Royal Wedding

By Ian Warner


Following Grim’s example with his @ctiv8 stuff below I’ve decided to do a Royal Wedding themed article for the blog. Having just read the excellent 100 Conspiracies it seemed only fair to write the 101st about this allegedly historic occasion (err since when has any Royal Wedding gone down in history as important?) So let us begin with the obligatory disclaimer.


This isn’t an actual claim. There is no real Royal Wedding Conspiracy. There may well be a cynical element in the timing of the event and I have a hard enough time believing love exists at all let alone it spontaneously springing up between an inbred idiot and a girl who’s just common enough without being too common but hey they seem happier than his parents and the idea there is an actual organised conspiracy about the whole thing is ludicrous fantasy. The Royals, Security Services and the British Government can’t find their arses with both hands how are they supposed to arrange the “love affair of the century” and make it look even a tiny bit convincing? Anyway it’s good RPG fodder and that’s where Conspiracy 101 comes in!


Awfully convenient isn’t it? We have a Royal Wedding, where the bride is, supposedly, a commoner to distract the proles just as the Government is making savage cuts all round and desperately trying to hide the fact there is a referendum that could potentially make things fairer for all. Add to this the whole furore about whether stopping 10 nutters with banners shouting stupid slogans about world domination and the evil of democracy is an infringement of free speech or necessary to spare the “happy couple” any distress and you have a real stinking mess.

So what if the whole thing is a sham? Whether to distract from Government fuck ups, put a halt on reform or spark a religion based civil war it seems a bit farfetched doesn’t it?

But maybe that is all part of the plan?

How is it Done?

Subtlety is the name of the sham relationship game. If it’s too perfect it won’t be at all believable (hence the brief “split.”)

Perhaps only one or neither of the pair is aware of the Conspiracy. However more than likely bullying and or bribery is involved on the party that is.

The Royal Family are more likely to be in on the secret than the Middletons. After all they’re old hands at this game. Aristocrats NEVER make love matches if they can help it! It is possible that the Royals are being duped by the Middletons and whoever is backing them but it is very unlikely as the Royals have thousands of years of experience in pulling this kind of scam.

Either way the “legend” has been carefully stage managed from the day the Prince first spotted the young madam in that transparent dress. If the couple are oblivious to this they may be wondering why Malcolm Tucker and friends seem to be fussing over them so much!

Cui Bono?

The obvious beneficiary is the British Government for hiding it’s destruction of the welfare state and the fact we now have a chance to make it less likely that we don’t end up with idiots by default. (Well we’ll still end up with idiots but of a better kind hopefully!)

The Royal Family will benefit from a Commoner in the ranks: Officially for a change rather than as a mistress. Perhaps this will be the fairy story that keeps the anachronism around for hundreds more years? (Oh fuck I hope not!)

The Security Services, the Far Right (religious or otherwise) and Extremist Islam would all love the opportunity to blow an even bigger gaping wound between the already fractious communities.  The Security Services are only trying to make the nutters a bit more obvious so they can get the power to nab them more easily. The latter two are out to start a religion based civil war.


1001 Club, Anglo American Alliance, Assassins, Committee of 300, Entertainment Companies, Global Elite, Golden Dawn, Hellfire Club, IMF, Industrialists, International Banks, Invisible Space Lizards, MI5/6, Mossad, Muslims, Neo Fascists, Phoebus Cartel, Pilgrim’s Society, Republican Inner Circle, Rothschilds, Royalty, Rupert Murdoch, Shadow Government, Templars, Great Commission, Illuminati, Masons, Time Travellers, UN, US, Whitey, Zionists.

Story Seeds

1) Paparazzi of the basest kind assigned by the Daily Slag to get the “most important shot of the big day” (up the dress!) The Characters snap something they shouldn’t. Something that may potentially expose the conspiracy. At first it’s just a foul mouthed Scot yelling at them but soon they find themselves on the run from S019 and a bunch of armed suits. Of course with typical British incompetence nobody told the couple about this little security breach so maybe the carriage will have a few uninvited passengers!

2) As the Royal Protection Unit’s best operatives the Characters haven’t had a wink of sleep for the past 3 days and the tedium and exhaustion is getting to them. They keep seeing and hearing things that don’t make sense, arguments with mysterious suited men about money, the couple shooting each other subtle vengeful looks and Prince Philip clutching a shotgun. Okay the latter isn’t too weird but pointed at his grandson’s back? Are these hallucinations or is the whole thing a conspiracy?

3) As Far Right or Jihadi operatives the Characters are preparing for a day of chaos and violence when they find their leadership has been working with their sworn ideological enemies to engineer the whole occasion to provide a stage for the coming bloodbath. Do they play along with this ruse or take revenge for this betrayal?

Victoriana: Monkey Business

The mysterious Monsieur Terreur is a mercenary assassin, based in the deep countryside of Southern France where he maintains a peculiar and singular zoo of his own construction. Here he imports and trains great apes as assassins. Their unrivaled strength and natural ferocity brought to a terrible peak, their bodies clad and armed for the urban jungle. Monsieur Terreur has trained his ape killers to hunt down and kill particular targets, based on their scent and appearance and unleashes his horrors upon the rooftops to track down and beat to death those who have been targeted before returning to his cage-wagon for their reward.

Monsieur Terreur and his killer apes can make good subjects for investigation, or colourful henchmen for the true villain of a Victoriana adventure.

Killer Ape
With a terrifying and primal scream, like something out of the fevered dreams of a naturalist, a thing of hair, metal and teeth comes swinging through the window in a shower of broken glass, reaching for you with arms as powerful as a locomotive, clad in steel and hooks.
Physical: 11
Mental: 4
Health: 7/14
Armour: 2 (natural) 8 (Cuirass) total 10.
Damage: Brawl (6d) – Armoured climbing gloves, also provide +1 bonus to climbing rolls in urban terrain.

The killer ape is glad in a metal breastplate and helmet that covers its eyes and skull but leaves its toothed jaw free to scream, holler and bite. Its hands are glad in metal gloves that end in hooks, makings its attacks more fierce and allowing it to get better grip on urban surfaces such as bricks and drainpipes, rather than its native jungle branches.

Monsieur Terreur
No amount of expensive clothing can hide this man’s low breeding, the slope of his forehead, the greasiness of his moustache, the beady eyes that betray him to be a cunning sociopath of the criminal classes. He sneers at you, showing a gold tooth and shouts out ‘Attaque!’ With a deafening crack a great whip is snapped back in his gloved hand, ready to strike, its length glittering with powdered glass.
Physical Competence: 7
Mental Competence: 12
Signature Skills: Animal Handling, Drive Carriage, Bull.
Traits: Animal Empathy, Agility, Street Informant, Ancestral Estate, Income Upper Class 2.
Health: 5/10
Weapon: Glass Whip (12)

@ctiv8: Royal Wedding

If this guy is a real Anarchist, I will eat my own testicles. Pic from Evening Standard.

@ctiv8 is an RPG of activism and social change derived from ideas that can be found in Mission Impossible, Global Frequency and the real-life (dis)organisation, Anonymous, as well as flash mobs and social uprisings in The Middle East and elsewhere.

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is set against a backdrop of savage cuts to the social infrastructure of Britain with many of these cuts being pushed through on the back of social deference to the rulings classes, despite them having no clear remit to make such sweeping changes. Meanwhile the establishment is carrying on much as before, bankers are still getting their bonuses, corporations are being let off tax and much vaunted increased restrictions on risky bank ventures are yet to materialise. Questionable military involvement continues in Afghanistan and elsewhere while the revolts in the Middle East are inspiring similar ambitions amongst activists across the world.

In the UK there is a strengthening protest movement and a chance, though a slim one, that the electoral system may be changed to become fairer and more representative. Despite that the establishment is still intent on pursuing their aims, gutting the public sector and dismantling much of the social safety net. In the middle of all this comes the Royal Wedding, a demonstration of profligate excess and gutless toadying to the established order that is somewhat akin to beating a rabid and starving wolf with a roast turkey.

A propaganda war is already in progress to demonise protesters and there are extremists who will seek to disrupt the wedding in a violent manner, a way that is as likely to backfire in terms of public response as it is to change anyone’s mind for the better.

@ctiv8 can get involved in several ways in the nascent protests, but they’ll have their work cut out considering the massive size of the police operation involved, the tightness of security and the potential use of anti-terrorism laws to prevent any groups that aren’t fans of the royal couple from attending.

Possible @ctiv8 missions/combos could include:

  • Training activists to be better at tackling police, especially mounted/riot police.
  • Targeting police units/equipment prior to the day.
  • Preparing a big prank/coup to execute on the day.
  • Countering police agents provocateur.
  • Counter extremists who could turn the whole thing into a debacle.
  • Place measures into media so that what goes out is raw, live, genuine footage from activists.

Possible opposition could include:

  • Various police units.
  • Royal protection squad.
  • MI5
  • Terrorists
  • Extremists
  • Concerned citizens
  • Right wing media

Standard police will have stats/skills around the 3/3 marker appropriate to their role with single focus. Specialist units rising to 4/4 with two foci. This would be an extremely high risk endeavour but for it to be a PR success it needs to go off smoothly and be accurately reported – two things that haven’t happened with recent protests. Indeed the age of the mass protest and standard direct action may be over.

Characters would need appropriate hacking, security, unarmed combat, teaching, activist, revolutionary and other skills sets and should be built round that sort of role.

Blood!: Sweet Zombie Jesus

“Easter is when we celebrate Jesus coming back. We just never expected to take it so literally, or for it to be a matter that was most definitely NOT a cause for celebration. When he came back this time the dead came to life with him, rapidly overtaking Jerusalem and spreading out in all directions. Apparently his old man has decided its time for humanity to come to an end and this tide of the dead is his way of wiping the planet clean again. Well, fuck that. Let’s get this sandal-wearing carpenter back in his tomb, where he belongs.”

Jesus has returned to Earth, as a flesh-eating monster, head of an army of the resurrected who are spreading out from the Middle East and overrunning the earth.

The terrible thing is that all these dead souls who have risen again retain their intelligence and ability to communicate, just not control over their bodies. They know what they’re doing and they hate it… these tormented. What’s even more disturbing is that nobody appears to have been raptured and nobody is being spared. Everyone is falling beneath the teeth and nails of the dead and swelling their ranks with every casualty.

In order to stem the tide of death and save the world, the secret occult intelligence services of the Earth have cobbled together a squad of Jews, Pagans, Atheists and Satanists who have been assigned to hook up with a Mossad operations team in what remains of the necropolis of Jerusalem, to track down the resurrected Jesus and destroy him, saving the world.

The zombies use the normal average zombie states. While the minds and vocal chords are still intelligent and despairing, the bodies are primitive and incapable of using high tech weaponry. However, unlike normal zombies, these zombies can keep coming despite being shot in the brain or cut into pieces. If anything is severed it keeps coming as a ‘Body Part’ (which is available as a Freakshow)


He hasn’t come spreading peace this time, he’s come bearing a sword. Jesus is immune to all weapons except those made of wood or metal piercing weapons such as spears, nails or arrows. He can be repulsed by a cross if he fails a Willpower roll – unpleasant memories. Jesus can walk on liquids and transmute one liquid into another liquid. If he takes a whole turn to act he can completely reconstitute and heal an undead nearby. He can only be destroyed by being physically annihilated.

Strength 70
Stamina 90
Agility 50
Perception 60
Intelligence 60
Pain Threshold 100
Willpower 90
Luck 70
Movement 2/4/10/20
Actions 4
Damage Bonus +1d4
Energy Points +5
H2H +5
Exert Strength 55%
Initiative +0
Shock Survival 115%
Toxin Resistance 120%
Hear/Sight/Smell/Taste/Touch: 80/80/50/50/50

HP 72

Craft (Carpentry) 20%
Dodge 25%
Entertainment (Stage Magic) 55%
Theology (Christian) 100%
Judge Character 100%
Languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek 100%
Leadership: 80%
Local History: 60%
Public Speaking: 90%

Bite: 45 – Actions 4 – Damage 1d6+1d4 – Blade/Bite1
Claw: 65 – Actions 1 – Damage 2d4 – Blade/H2H

As for the non-Christian commando team, I would suggest getting inspiration from Clive Barker’s Jericho.