#RPG #CP2020 – 2020 in 2020 Session One

We’re playing 2020 in 2020, you can see some earlier posts on this blog about that. As part of that, I thought I’d put a little effort into some campaign material and world-setting (which is an even darker timeline version of our current 2020.

Potential Contracts/Adventures

Huawei Backdoor data

Details on the Huawei backdoor could fetch a very high price on the open market, or provide a killer backdoor for any hacker who kept hold of the information.

A darknet broker, BAUHINIA97 claims to know where the information is being held on the Hauwei campus in Shenzen. He’s willing to front transport and expenses in Bitcoin, as a gamble, plus 10% of the final sale price of the data.

UK Arrest Warrants

There are riots, protests, violence and even terrorism all over the UK at the moment. COBRA seems to be in permanent session and this has accelerated the mass flight of capital and industry from the country that was already happening.

Police, reserves and the military have all alread been employed to handle basic duties, while the ‘proper’ police try to quell the riots and disruption, but politically the government cannot put troops ‘on the streets’ and so a great deal has gone out to private contract.

There are strict rules to follow, the warrants are for the individuals to be arrested and turned in to custody, but there’s quite a lot of them and they run anything up to 50,000 pounds reward for the top of the list.

Bush Fires

Many different corporations and interests are using the bush inferno as an excuse and opportunity to test out new technology. That creates plenty of opportunities for corporate espionage, especially since communications are a bit unreliable.

One of your brokers is interested in the capture and retrieval of a firefighting exoskeleton being field tested by an Australian startup. The Crow-X1 is cutting edge fire protection, a completely sealed suit that’s supposed to be able to wade deep into the worst chemical fires to attack them at their source.

Reward is likely to run around 100k USD.

Server Raid

Black-market, hidden server farms are highly sought after for lucrative piracy, mob data storage and other illicit purposes. They’re also somewhat vulnerable, for all that there’s a great deal of money sunk into them.

A darknet broker is looking to hire a private group to raid a server farm currently lurking on the edge of Night City’s ‘combat zone’. If they know where it is they could just inform the police, so it seems like they want some incriminating data erased – with extreme prejudice.

10k USD, and preferential treatment for future work – if handled discretely.

Cryonics Heist

One of the many small cryonics facilities that has gone bust has been bought out by Osiris. They’re shipping the ‘high rollers’ from a facility in Scottsdale Arizona to their new headquarters in San Francisco – by road, for the sake of safety.

Your broker has a contracter willing to pay 100k for the retrieval of one, specific high-roller cannister from the truck. If you’re up for it.

Cyberpunk 2020: Deus Ex Weapons


The Pulsed Energy Projectile System is about the size of a carbine or submachinegun and can be fired one-handed. The weapon fires a wide-spectrum burst of energy which instantly ablates surface clothing, skin and material to create a pressure-wave explosion as well as a painful and stunning electrical effect. The PEPS is a single shot per cartridge and explodes over a five metre radius. A target directly hit must make a stun save at -2 or be knocked out, all others in the radius must make a basic stun save or be knocked out.

Type: P, WA: 0, Con: J, Availability: P, Damage/Ammo: Stun, Shots: 1, ROF: 1, Rel: ST, Range: 50m, 1500€.

Zenith 10mm Combat Pistol

The Zenith is a very common 10mm pistol used by security services and private individuals. It is extremely adaptable, expandable and reliable.

Type: P, WA: 0, Con: J, Availability: C, Damage/Ammo: 2d6+3, Shots: 10, ROF: 2, Rel: VR, Range: 50m, 250€.

The Zenith can be expanded with a silencer and laser sight.
The weapon can be upgraded with greater power through gas recycling and assorted add ons. Each power upgrade costs 200€.

Power 1: 3d6 damage.
Power 2: 3d6+1
Power 3: 3d6+2
Power 4: 3d6+3

The weapon can also expand its magazine with various feeder and magazine upgrades. Each ammo upgrade costs 50€.

Ammo 1: 13 ammo.
Ammo 2: 16 ammo.
Ammo 3: 19 ammo.
Ammo 4: 22 ammo.

Diamondback .357 Revolver

An innovative revolver, the diamondback combines the reliability and weight of a revolver with the ease of use of an automatic. The cylinder is disposable and uses caseless ammunition allowing for rapid reloads and easy access to specialist ammunition.

Type: P, WA: +1, Con: J, Availability: C, Damage/Ammo: 3d6, Shots: 6, ROF: 1, Rel: VR, Range: 50m, 400€.

Rate of Fire Upgrade: ROF 2, 200€

Power upgrades 200€ each.

Power Upgrade 1: 3d6+1
Power Upgrade 2: 3d6+1
Power Upgrade 3:  3d6+3

Crossbow XHII

A powerful, compact, deadly and silent weapon the foldable XHII is favoured by many covert operatives as an assassination tool.

Type: R, WA: +1, Con: J, Availability: P, Damage/Ammo: 3d6+3, Shots 1, ROF 1, Rel: VR, Range 75m, Cost: 500€

Buzzkill TND

The Buzzkill Threat Neutralisation Device is a short-range taser device that can stun human targets and temporarily disable cybernetics.

Type: P, WA: 0, Con: P, Availability: C, Damage/Ammo: Stun -2, Shots: 5, ROF 1, Rel: ST, Range 10m, Cost: 100€

FR-27 SFR Combat Rifle

The FR-27 fires fin-stabilised discarding sabot rounds in a .303 calibre. Magazines are loaded horizontally into the mechanism.

The combat rifle can fit a silencer, a laser sight as well as other adaptations.

Type: R, WA: +1, Con: N, Availability: C, Damage/Ammo: 4d6AP, Shots: 20, ROF: 10, Rel: ST, Range: 400m, Cost: 500€.

Damage upgrades 200€ each.

Upgrade 1: 4d6+1
Upgrade 2: 4d6+2
Upgrade 3: 4d6+3

Rate of fire upgrades 200€ each.

Upgrade 1: ROF: 15.
Upgrade 2: ROF: 20.
Upgrade 3: ROF: 25.

Ammo capacity upgrades 50€ each.

Upgrade 1: 30 rounds.
Upgrade 2: 40 rounds.
Upgrade 3: 50 rounds.

Flechette tracking upgrade: WA +2, 500€.

Hurricane TMP-18 Machine Pistol

The Hurricane SMG is chambered for 9mm and has a high rate of fire, though low stopping power. As adaptable as other modern weapons it’s extensively upgradable.

Type: SMG, WA: +1, Con: P, Availability: C, Damage/Ammo: 2d6+1, Shots: 30, ROF: 20, Rel: ST, Range: 150m, Cost: 450€.

The Hurricane can be fitted with a silencer, laser sight and a tracking system. The tracking system has the same effect/cost as that for the combat rifle.

Damage Upgrades: 200€ each.

Upgrade 1: 2d6+2
Upgrade 2: 2d6+3

Rate of fire upgrades: 100€ each.

Upgrade 1: ROF 25.
Upgrade 2: ROF 30.
Upgrade 3: ROF 35.

Ammo capacity upgrades: 50€ each.

Upgrade 1: 40 ammo.
Upgrade 2: 50 ammo.

Longsword Eraser Sniper Rifle

The Longsword fires a .416 round which packs a hell of a punch with a very long range. Semi-automatic, the rapidity of firing makes up for the fact that the heavy rifle cannot be silenced, allowing a couple of kill shots to be fired off in quick succession before the sniper needs to change locations.

Type: R, WA: +2, Con: N, Availability: P, Damage/Ammo: 3d10AP, Shots: 3, ROF: 1, Rel: ST, Range: 500m, Cost: 2000€.

The Longsword can be fitted with a laser sight.

Damage upgrades: 500€ each upgrade.

Upgrade 1: 3d10+2 AP
Upgrade 2: 3d10+4 AP
Upgrade 3: 4d10 AP

Rate of Fire Upgrade: 1000€, increases ROF to 2.

Magazine Upgrades: 200€ each.

Upgrade 1: Ammo 2.
Upgrade 2: Ammo 3.

Widowmaker TX Shotgun

A twelve-gauge, semi-automatic tactical shotgun the Widowmaker is a preferred weapon for American PMC companies and their subsidiaries.

Type: R, WA: 0, Con: N, Availability: C, Damage/Ammo: 4d6, Shots: 8, ROF: 2, Rel: ST, Range: 50m, Cost: 500€.

Damage upgrade: 200€ each.

Upgrade 1: 4d6+1
Upgrade 2: 4d6+2
Upgrade 3: 4d6+3
Upgrade 4: 5d6.

Rate of fire upgrade: 500€, increases ROF to 3.

Burst fire upgrade: 1000€, increases ROF to 5.

Magazine upgrades: 100€ each.

Upgrade 1: 10 ammo.
Upgrade 2: 12 ammo.
Upgrade 3: 14 ammo.
Upgrade 4: 16 ammo.

PAX-22 Tranquiliser Rifle

A silent weapon the PAX-22 fires a powerful tranquiliser round that takes effect within seconds, rendering a target unconvious. The needle-nosed rounds can penetrate any soft armour to deliver its dosage and the cartridge can sense and deliver the right amount.

Type: R, WA: +1, Con: N, Availability: P, Damage/Ammo: Stun trick -3, Shots: 1, ROF: 1, Rel: ST, Range: 100m, Cost: 1000€.

329-MPRS Rocket Launcher

A breech-loading rocket launcher operated by screen and trigger the MPRS is used to take out light vehicles and bots.

Type: HVY, WA: +0, Con: N, Availability: P, Damage/Ammo: 5d10AP, Shots: 1, ROF: 1, Rel: ST, Range: 500m, Cost: 2000€.

M404 Heavy Rifle

A 5.56 ‘micro-gun’ with multiple barrels the M404 can lay down withering suppressive fire though it is sluggish to wind up.

It can be fitted with a laser sight and a cooling system. The cooling system costs 500€ and increases the rate of fire by 5.

Type: HVY, WA: -2, Con: N, Availability: P, Damage/Ammo: 5d6, Shots: 100, ROF: 35, Rel: ST, Range: 400m, Cost: 1250€.

Damage upgrades: 500€ per upgrade.

Upgrade 1: 5d6+1
Upgrade 2: 5d6+2
Upgrade 3: 5d6+3

Rate of fire upgrade: 500€ per upgrade.

Upgrade 1: ROF 40.
Upgrade 2: ROF 45.
Upgrade 3: ROF 50.

Ammo capacity upgrade: 100€ per upgrade.

Upgrade 1: Ammo 125.
Upgrade 2: Ammo 150.
Upgrade 3: Ammo 175.
Upgrade 4: Ammo 200.

Linebacker Grenade Launcher

A semi-automatic bullpup grenade launcher the Linebacker uses a powerful burst of compressed to launch its 40mm grenades from a six round magazine.

Type: HVY, WA: -2, Con: N, Availability: P, Damage/Ammo: By grenade, Shots: 6, ROF: 1, Rel: ST, Range: 100m, Cost: 1000€.

Rate of fire upgrade: 500€ – ROF 2.

LS-66 Sabre Laser Rifle

The LS-66 fires a direct beam of coherent light, powerful enough to cut through just about anything with sustained fire but it needs sustained fire in order to do so. Only a sustained hit will cut through armour or penetrate tough targets. The rifle can ‘scribble’ across broad areas but will not do effective damage.

Sustained hits do damage for the number of hits they have done as though it is one hit.

Type: HVY, WA: +2, Con: N, Availability: R, Damage/Ammo: 1d6AP Shots: 500, ROF: 1-500, Rel: UR, Range: 200m, Cost: 10000€.

Damage upgrades: 1000€ per upgrade.

Upgrade 1: 1d6+1 AP
Upgrade 2: 1d6+2 AP.
Upgrade 3: 1d6+3 AP.

Ammo upgrade: 1000€ per upgrade.

Upgrade 1: 600 rounds.
Upgrade 2: 700 rounds.
Upgrade 3: 800 rounds.

Hi-NRG Plasma Lance

The Hi-NRG is an experimental plasma weapon firing bolts of superheated gas along a magnetic barrel. It cannot hold many rounds and is not especially accurate but the blast radius compensates for that inaccuracy.

Type: R, WA: -1, Con: N, Availability: R, Damage/Ammo: 3d6, knife AP, blast radius 1m, Shots: 20, ROF: 2, Rel: UR, Range: 100m, Cost: 10000€.

Damage Upgrade: Cost 1000€ per upgrade.

Upgrade 1: 3d6+1
Upgrade 2: 3d6+2
Upgrade 3: 3d6+3

Rate of Fire upgrade: 2000€, increases ROF to 3.

Cyberpunk 2020: Sarif Industries

Learning implants

Sarif cybernetics are designed to be low impact on a person’s psychological coping mechanisms. Rather than simply being implanted and having to immediately deal with the implications of their new abilities Sarif cybernetics slowly bond and ‘learn’ to cooperate with their user creating a tighter bond and mirroring the childhood experience of learning to use one’s senses, to talk, to gain body awareness, to walk. New neural patterns are laid down as the person and their augmentations bond, resulting in a much lower psychological impact footprint.

IP Configuration

Sarif implants are expensive – being cutting edge – but the upside to this is that they can develop and become more powerful over time – through the investment of Improvement Points. They are expensive and often less powerful than other implants, but have the potential to outgrow them as well as being more stylish. All implants are considered basic as they are fitted and their upgrades are accessed by spending the indicated amount of Improvement Points.

Lowered Empathy Cost

The learning and bonding nature of Sarif implants means that their Empathy impact is much reduced compared to normal cybernetic implants. This is one advantage to their style of implant, though it has its own drawbacks.

Hacking Implant – 2000€ – Humanity Loss 2

The hacking implant is no substitute for an actual Netrunner but for a covert operative working alone it does present an alternative. A cranial implant the Hacking Implant operates short range, wirelessly, often the signal can be strengthened by using the body as a channel for the signal. It attempts to connect with devices – personal computers, electronic locks etc – and to overcome them using brute-force and scripts which are updatable as they fall out of favour.

The basic implant comes with a Capture and Fortify subroutines.


The Capture subroutine is the one used to take control of the device being hacked. In effect the Games Master sets a difficulty level and the implant rolls with an effective Electronic Security/Computer roll of Tech +2. If the roll succeeds the device is bypassed. If the roll fails the intrusion attempt is detected. The character does not have these skills and this is no substitute for the skill, it can ONLY be used to hack/unlock very basic devices.

Capture can be upgraded using Improvement Points.

Basic: +2 – 0IP
Upgrade 1: +4 – 10IP
Upgrade 2: +6 – 20IP
Upgrade 3: +8 – 40IP
Upgrade 4: +10 – 80IP


The Analyse upgrade allows the character to know what difficulty the lock or device is before making a roll. The secondary upgrade reduces the difficulty of all locks/devices by -2 due to foreknowledge of what is waiting.

Analyse Upgrade: 10IP
Analyse Upgrade 2: 20IP


The basic hacking implant comes with basic fortification, you can run this routine at 5 difficulty less than the hack to try and fortify and protect your connection to prevent detection. If you fail you are detected. If you succeed then you need to fail by a greater amount (than 1) to be detected.

Basic: Fail increase by 1 to be detected – when implemented.
Upgrade 1: Fail increase by 2 to be detected – when implemented. 10IP.
Upgrade 2: Fail increase by 3 to be detected – when implemented. 20IP.


The hacking system can be upgraded to be more stealthy, modulating the signal to avoid detection and using its learning algorithms to hack more effectively. These upgrades mean you have to fail by a greater amount to be detected and the effect stacks with fortification, though it does not need you to roll first.

Stealth Upgrade 1: Must fail by 1 extra to be detected. 10IP.
Stealth Upgrade 2: Must fail by 2 extra to be detected. 20IP.
Stealth Upgrade 3: Must fail by 3 extra to be detected. 40IP.

Wayfinder Radar System – 600€ – Humanity Loss 1

A neurological and sensory implant the Wayfinder creates a low level radar/sonar/motion detector field around the user, allowing them to track people around them and increase their peripheral senses.

Basic: 10 metre detection radius, 180 degrees. +1 bonus to Awareness/Notice within that range.
Upgrade 1: 25 metre radius, 275 degrees. +2 bonus to Awareness/Notice within that range.
Upgrade 2: 50 metre radius, 360 degrees. +3 bonus to Awareness/Notice within that range.

Infolink – 600€ – Humanity Loss 2

A full, secure communications suite with cochlear implant and subvocal pickups so that you can speak securely and ‘silently’. It can hook into the public networks and operate as a cell/video phone if combined with an optical implant.

CASIE Social Implant – 2000€ – Humanity Loss 1d6/2

Computer-Assisted Social Interaction Enhancement is a suite of implanted devices from a voice-stress analyser to a net-search function which can run a quick and dirty psychological analysis of a target, aid in interactions, read moods and lies – to a degree – and can also release tailored artificial pheromones to influence the target.

CASIE provides a +1 bonus to Charismatic Leadership, Credibility, Family, Streetdeal, Interrogation, Intimidate, Oratory, Human Perception, Interview, Leadership, Seduction, Social and Persuasion/Fast talk.

Stealth Enhancer – 1200€ – Humanity Loss 2

The Stealth Enhancer is a suite of sensory capabilities designed to make a person more aware of their body, their profile and the sensory capabilities of others. It displaced the projected visual and aural footprint of targets, monitors your own sound and visibility and offers warnings if you are making yourself more visible or audible. It can also track the probable location of people who have left your field of vision – for a time – allowing you a reasonable chance to predict when they’re out of sight.

Basic: +1 bonus to Hide/Evade and Stealth.
Upgrade 1: +2 bonus. 10IP.
Upgrade 2: +3 bonus. 20IP.
Upgrade 3: +4 bonus. 40IP.
Upgrade 4: +5 bonus. 80IP
Upgrade 5:  +6 bonus. 160IP.

Smart Vision – 1000€ (Both eyes) – Humanity Loss 2d6

Smart Vision replaces both eyes with adaptable implants that come with basic HUD and expandable options. The basic implant highlights points of interest to draw the user’s attention providing a +1 bonus to Awareness/Notice rolls.

Upgrade: Wall-Penetrating Imager: The Smart Vision eyes can modulate between visible light, IR, UV, thermographic and low-level penetrating radar to roughly estimate where people are, even through walls. 20IP.
Upgrade: Flash Suppressor: The Smart Vision eyes adapt to react more and more quickly to stimulus allowing for instant adaptation to dark conditions and protection from stunning or blinding flashes. 20IP.

Arm Prosthesis – 6000€ – Humanity Loss 1d6

Sarif cyberarms are lightweight and built for speed/impact rather than strength and durability. Sarif cyberlimbs can take 15 damage before being useless, 25 before being destroyed. A Sarif cyberarm punch does 1d6+1 damage. As standard Sarif cyberarms have 5SP armour.

Upgrade: Recoil Compensator 1 – Offsets the penalty for autofire at range by 1. Reduces recoil damage by -1. 10IP.
Upgrade Recoil Compensator 2 – Offsets the penalty for autofire at range by 1 and increases the bonus for autofire at close range by 1. Reduces recoil damage by -1. 20IP.

Upgrade: Aim Stabiliser 1 – Offset penalties based on movement/stance by -1. 10IP.
Upgrade: Aim Stabiliser 2 –  Offset penalties based on movement/stance by -2. 20IP.

Arm Blades – 1000€ – Humanity Loss 2

Retractable arm blades can snap out of the elbows or forearms of your cyberarm and be used to cut, stab, trip or to prise open doors. Durable and tough these blades are square-headed and multipurpose. 3d6+1 damage, AP Knife. +2 bonus to Strength Feat where appropriate.

Sentinel RX Health System – 10000€ – Humanity Loss 1d6

The Sentinel RX Health system boosts the augment’s natural healing capability to incredible levels, controls blood pressure, increases the immune system and so forth. It doubles the normal healing rate (4 per day), provides a +1 bonus to Death/Stun saves and to stabilisation rolls by those tending them when wounded. You also get a +1 bonus to resist poisons and diseases.

Upgrade: Rebreather: The Sentinel RX learns to control oxygen supply and to re-use available air. You can hold your breath without effort for five minutes. 10IP.
Upgrade: Hyper Oxygenation 1: You can hyperoxygenate your blood providing a +1 bonus to Athletics, Swimming, Endurance and Strength Feat. 20IP.
Upgrade: Hyper Oxygenation 2: The bonus increases to +2. 40IP.

Series 8 Energy Converter – 10000€ – Humanity Loss 1d6

The Series 8 Energy Converter is, basically, a human battery. It can provide a jolt of energy to the augment as and when needed, allowing them to push themselves further.

Basic: Provides a pool of 2 energy points that can be spent as if they were Luck. These points recharge at the rate of 1 every four hours.
Energy Upgrade 1: The pool size increases to 4 points. 10IP.
Energy Upgrade 2: The pool size increases to 6 points. 20IP.
Energy Upgrade 3: The pool size increases to 8 points. 40IP.
Energy upgrade 4: The pool size increases to 10 points. 80IP.

Recharger Upgrade 1: The pool recharges 1 point every two hours. 10IP.
Recharger Upgrade 2: The pool recharges 1 point every hour. 20IP.

Typhoon Explosive System – 25000€ – Humanity Loss 1d10

The augment’s torso is implanted with a scattershot explosive system, a micro-grenade dispenser, that surrounds them with a shroud of explosive and shrapnel death upon activation. Implanted hoppers allow this device to hold up to three uses before needing reloading.

Basic: 5d6 damage in a five metre radius around the user.
Upgrade: 5d10 damage in a five metre radius around the user. 20IP.

Icarus Landing System – 5000€ – Humanity Loss 2

The Icarus Landing System uses a powerful electromagnetic burst of energy to soften landings when falling from great heights. Divide distance fallen by five when calculating damage.

Quicksilver Reflex Booster – 3000€ – Humanity Loss 1

Unlike other reflex boosting systems the Quicksilver does not make you particularly faster, rather it increases your bodily self awareness and coordination. This may make you seem to move faster, but it is more about efficiency of movement. You may make an extra attack each turn.

Glass Shield Cloaking System – 250000€ – Humanity Loss 1d6/2

Glass Shield uses a powerful EM field to bend visible light – and the rest of the EM spectrum – around the user, rendering them invisible to sight, radar, infrared, thermal and any other EM band detection method. It uses an extremely high amount of energy but is as near to perfect invisibility as can exist, providing a +10 bonus to Stealth rolls.

Basic: The invisibility lasts for a single turn, it can be extended for an extra turn with two points from the energy pool.
Longevity Upgrade 1: The invisibility lasts for two turns, it can be extended for an extra two turns with two points from the energy pool. 20IP.
Longevity Upgrade 2: The invisibility lasts for four turns, it can be extended for an extra four turns with two points from the energy pool. 40IP.

Dermal Armour – 5000€ – Humanity Loss 1d6

Dermal Armour implants thin plates, protective weaves and impact distributors throughout the vital areas of the body, protecting them from harm without great aesthetic or sense-deadening side effects. As it upgrades the armour implants become more reactive, able to adapt to different attacks.

Basic: SP 5 all over the body.
Dermal Upgrade 1: SP10. IP10.
Dermal Upgrade 2: SP15. IP20.

EMP Shielding Upgrade: Dermal armour now protects other cybernetic systems as though emp hardened and applies its armour against energy attacks, such as electrical. IP20.

Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis – 4000€ – Humanity Loss 1d6

Sarif cyberlegs are lightweight and built for speed/impact rather than strength and durability. Sarif cyberlimbs can take 15 damage before being useless, 25 before being destroyed. A Sarif cyberleg kick does 2d6+2 damage. As standard Sarif cyberlegs have 5SP armour.

Jump Enhancement: The cyberleg can adapt to give out energy more powerfully and more quickly, doubling the distance the user can jump. 20IP.

Sprint Enhancement: The cyberleg adapts for speed, allowing the augment to run much faster, increasing their MA by 2. 20IP.

Silent Running: The cyberleg adapts to run silently and to dampen normal movement sounds providing a +1 bonus to Stealth. 10IP.
Silent Running Upgrade 1: The Stealth bonus increases to +2. 20IP.
Silent Running Upgrade 2: The Stealth bonus increases to +3. 40IP.