#RPGaDay2020 – Push

John Wallin Liberto

d66 Sci-Fi Button Effects

11. Shields on

12. Shields off

13. All stop

14. Red alert

15. Yellow alert

16. Vent drive plasma

21. Jump to lightspeed

22. Fire lasers

23. Fire missiles

24. Antigravity on

25. Antigravity off

26. Gravity up by 1G

31. Gravity down by 1G

32. Hailing frequencies open 

33. Engage cloak

34. Disengage cloak

35. Turn left

36. Turn right

41. Turn up

42. Turn down

43. Cancel alert status

44. Launch a probe

45. Deploy a beacon

46. Vent cargo bays

51. Abandon ship

52. Entertainment system activate

53. Bring up a local starmap

54. Activate system diagnostic

55. Ship-wide transmission

56. Open cup-holder

61. Active sensor ping

62. Adjust seat

63. Transfer controls from another station

64. A loud error noise

65. A little light lights up saying ‘Please do not press this button again’.

66. Roll twice

#RPGaDay2020 – Investigate


d66 Things to Look Into

11. Infidelity

12. A missing person

13. A murder

14. A theft

15. Espionage

16. A missing treasure

21. A lost pet

22. An assault

23. A cult

24. A kidnapping

25. Arson

26. Fraud

31. Smuggling

32. Trafficking

33. Piracy

34. A conspiracy

35. Sabotage

36. Extortion

41. A poisoning

42. The origin of a mysterious creature

43. The origin of a plague

44. Vandalism

45. Graverobbing

46. Poaching

51. Illegal necromancy

52. The origin of an unflattering song about the monarch

53. A secret recipe

54. A new spell

55. A supplier of weapons

56. A supplier of drugs

61. Find dirt on a politician or noble

62. A new kind of monster, spotted nearby

63. The location of a merchant’s treasure

64. A foreign kingdom

65. A crime boss

66. Combine two

#RPGaDay2020 – Tower

d66 Tower Inhabitants

11. A wizard (d’uh).

12. Nobody, it’s completely and mysteriously abandoned.

13. There’s little more than animals, but the tower is dangerously dilapidated and could well collapse.

14. A necromancer, who has filled it with perverse undead creations.

15. A huge flock of corvids.

16. A screeching nest of harpies.

21. A griffon and its hatchlings.

22. The spectre of the former inhabitant.

23. A nest of giant spiders and their web.

24. Giant bees, who have hollowed out the interior.

25. An ooze that lurks in the tower’s basement.

26. The strange cross-bred creations of an insane wizard.

31. Roosting bats, and their valuable guano.

32. Bandits, seeking shelter and protection.

33. A druid, who is tearing the tower down, piece by piece.

34. It has become the meeting place of an unholy cult.

35. A filthy band of goblins, who hurls stones at attackers from the upper levels.

36. A gang of apes.

41. A satyr has turned it into a love nest.

42. A young dragon, trying it out for a first hoard.

43. A dryad whose sacred tree has grown out of the partially collapsed building.

44. Mushroom men, spores growing in the wet and rotting wood and material within the shell of the tower.

45. A basilisk, who has surrounded the tower with ‘statues’.

46. A trio of trolls, a small family.

51. A vampire, carving out a new domain.

52. A rampaging wyvern, who hunts in the surrounding forest.

53. A golem, and other constructs who maintain the tower even in the owner’s absence.

54. Jovial animated objects who launch into song at a moment’s notice.

55. A djinn, who has made it his minor palace.

56. The demons who were summoned by the hapless former owner.

61. It’s not a tower, but rather an enormous, sleeping earth elemental.

62. A band of guards from the nearest town, using the tower for keeping watch.

63. A hunter’s lodge and hide.

64. A charnel pit of dead animals and people.

65. Giants have turned it into a smokehouse.

66. Roll twice and combine.

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#RPGaDay2020 – Meet

D66 Places for a Clandestine Meeting

11. A private room in an inn

12. Beneath a bridge

13. In the blind spot beneath the city wall

14. In a hidden cellar

15. In a tidal cave during low tide

16. In a mausoleum

21. A private room in a private club

22. A guarded alleyway

23. The kitchen of a restaurant

24. Behind the false front of a shop

25. In a cleaned out sewer chamber

26. In the belltower of a temple

31. A confessional booth

32. In a traveller’s caravan

33. In a fortune teller’s tent

34. A secret room in a manor house

35. A hidden chamber in a castle

36. A magical pocket dimension

41. The luxurious surroundings of a brothel

42. A sauna

43. A bathhouse

44. A scummy tavern closed just for this meeting

45. The middle of a bridge

46. On a barge

51. On a ship

52. On a roof-garden

53. In an attic-space

54. In a grove or gazebo in a park

55. In a partially constructed building

56. In two boats in the river

61. At the end of a pier

62. Two neighbouring towers

63. A carriage

64. An abandoned farmhouse

65. A clearing in the woods

66. Roll twice and combine as best you can

#RPGaDay2020 – Comfort

D66 Features of Comfortable Fantasy Inns (Roll 1d3 times)

11. A roaring hearth, burning fragrant wood.

12. The scent of fresh-cooked bread lingering in the air.

13. The sweet and cloying smoke of pipeweed, thick enough to make you as amiable and giggly as the locals.

14. An excellent, locally brewed ale.

15. Thick rugs underfoot, rather than straw or rushes.

16. A heavy, hardwood bar top, older than the inn itself.

21. Elegantly carved wooden chairs, with soft cushions.

22. Hot and cold running barmaids.

23. A rather dashing stableboy.

24. A friendly innkeeper with a ready smile and a wealth of jokes.

25. A very fine cider, made from a local strain of apples.

26. The aroma of roasting pork, tempting people in from the road through the village.

31. A myriad of wonderful paintings of the people and landscape around the inn, rendered by a local artist.

32. The freshest fish, finely prepared, caught in the local river.

33. Proper beds, with eiderdowns and big fluffy pillows.

34. Cluttered with interesting artefacts from the long history of the inn, there’s something fascinating in every corner.

35. A big friendly dog who likes to rest his chin on patron’s legs and beg for cheese.

36. A big, fluffy cat who loves to curl up in patron’s laps.

41. Heavy tables, worn smooth with polish and time.

42. A freshly thatched roof, that still smells of fresh straw.

43. A big, rounded, friendly and welcoming door – despite its iron bindings.

44. Abundant, colourful and fragrant window boxes.

45. A sheltered beer garden, planted with wildflowers and shady trees.

46. A wonderful spirit, made by freezing cider in the winter and removing the ice.

51. Bright-burning lanterns and shelves of books to encourage the locals to read and study.

52. A well-tended herb garden, and home remedies made from its produce.

53. A well-stocked cellar, with a wide variety of ales and wines, and enough preserved food to wait out a siege.

54. The inn has its own chickens, scratching and pecking around the outside.

55. A duck pond and its feathering inhabitants, which means ducklings every year.

56. A very skilled and friendly cook, with a great line in honey-cakes and an eagerness to make the things regular customers like.

61. Amiable, good-natured – but very accomplished – skittles players, who absolutely will hustle you, but only for laughs.

62. A rascally pair of ferrts who, when they’re not hunting rabbits for the pot, have free run of the inn – and love everyone.

63. Local musicians and poets drink and eat free, a song or a story for a drink or a meal. So there’s always something going on.


65. Low-beamed ceilings create a closed-in, safe feeling like being in big, smoky, boozy womb.

66. Roll an extra time, or come up with something new.

#RPGaDay2020 – Dramatic

d66 Fantasy Plays

11. Piglet (A tale of high drama and conflict between the animals at a farm).

12. The Happy Spectre (A play about a charlatan necromancer, told from the perspective of a real ghost).

13. The Bloody King (Taking a kingdom through assassination, the new king succumbs to guilt and madness).

14. All my Goblins (Two goblins spend a couple of hours trying to understand what their overlord wants them to do).

15. The Maker of Men (A wizard wrestles with the morality of creating a flesh golem).

16. The Black-Clad Blade (a trio of assassins suspect one of their number is a traitor following a botched job).

21. The Scold’s Bridle (A misogynistic tale in which a spiteful young woman reaps her ‘just desserts’ for being sharp-tongued).

22. Birth, Marriage, Death (A young widow seeks a new father for her son).

23. The Pinhead (Angels and demons try to steer a happy idiot toward fair or foul ends).

24. The Monk and the Maid (A devout man tries to resist the lascivious attentions of a prostitute).

25. A Garland for a Princess (An aloof princess is wooed by many lovers who try to win her with ever more precious gifts).

26. The Game (The gods play a board game with the lives of humans across three acts, all linked by one character from the previous act).

31. The Motherless Child (Orphaned in war, a child works to better and educate himself only to eventually gain an audience with the king responsible, and kill him).

32. The Randy Student (A student at a bard’s college attempts to woo a woman, any woman, growing increasingly desperate and farcical).

33. The Temple and the Brothers (A pair of brothers, divided in a civil war, travel to a temple to try and reconcile their differences. The play has two different endings).

34. Rat Meat and Puddle Water (A troop of guards endures a siege over four seasons in four acts).

35. The Spurning (A cleric converts to a different religion and – hurt and petty – their former god tries to understand why).

36. The Mind and the Soul (A wizard and a cleric vie to demonstrate the supremacy of their form of magic).

41. The Patron (A rich man is bilked by actors, beggars and thieves with ever more unbelievable schemes and promises).

42. The Hellish Rebuke (A devil comes to the world, disguised as a man and receives such harsh treatment that he willingly returns to hell)

43. The Tribunal (Three judges sit an absurd case while lawyers make absurd and obscure arguments and the judges – and the audience – try to make sense of it without showing their ignorance).

44. The Great Hero (A knight with a comedically huge sword tells tales – vignettes – of his great deeds, before running away from a real test).

45. The Spectacle of Wonders (A cavalcade of illusion magic, machinery and other wonders).

46. The Wit (A sharp-tongued prankster is the life of the party, but once everyone has been the target of his jokes he is left alone and friendless).

51. The Coin of the Realm (Not money, though the story revolves around the treasury, but rather violence and skullduggery).

52. A Strange Kind of Love (an owl and a bear fall in love with one another despite the protests of their families).

53. The Rookery (A play of vignettes, all presented in thieve’s cant).

54. The Darkening Torch (A band of adventurers share tales around a campfire deep in the underworld).

55. Foul Means (an unscrupulous man uses various cunning methods to swive a pretty milkmaid).

56. Grak and Krunk (A play about orcish love and rivalry).

61. The Hoard (people plead with a dragon – who collects the treasures of the mind – to let them go, by arguing for their failings and stupidity).

62. The White Plague (various characters cope with their city descending into madness, despite there being no real disease).

63. The Merrie Pilgrims (a comedy of hapless, everyday folk on the road).

64. The Bloody Baron (A vampire prince sets a group of visitors against one another, seducing or feeding on them one by one).

65. A dramatised creation story, from the local culture.

66. A brand new, and terrible, play.

#RPGaDay2020 – Frame

d66 Pictures

11. A spring landscape

12. A summer landscape

13. An autumn landscape

14. A winter landscape

15. Fields of grain.

16. An orchard.

21. The harvest.

22. Flowers.

23. A religious scene.

24. A village.

25. A town.

26. A city.

31. A portrait of a king.

32. A portrait of a queen.

33. A portrait of a noble.

34. A portrait of a commoner.

35. A picture of a horse.

36. A picture of a farm animal.

41. A picture of a fantastical animal.

42. A nude man.

43. A nude woman.

44. A lascivious scene.

45. Hell.

46. A monster.

51. Architecture.

52. An abstract of shapes and colours.

53. A flattering portrait of the owner.

54. A portrait of a high priest or bishop.

55. A scene of war.

56. A legendary scene.

61. The owner’s children.

62. A picture of a god.

63. A sigil or symbol.

64. A framed and glass-covered scroll.

65. A picture only visible to those with Darkvision or similar.

66. Roll twice and combine.

#RPGaDay2020 – Banner

d66 Heraldic Charges

11. d6 Lozenges (diamonds)

12. d6 Billets (rectangles)

13. d6 Annulets (rings)

14. A roundel.

15. A label (a repeating shape 2d3 times in a line)

16. A fret

21. d6 Soldiers

22. A knight

23. A pilgrim

24. Wild men

25. A maiden

26. A wreath

31. A child

32. A skull and crossbones

33. A hand

34. A heart

35. A breast

36. d6 lions

41. d3 eagles

42. d3 swans 

43. d6 fish

44. d6 birds

45. d3 unicorns

46. d3 gryphons

51. d3 salamanders

52. d3 harts

53. d3 foxes

54. d3 wolves

55. d3 bears

56. d3 bulls

61. d3 trees

62. d6 fleur-de-lis

63. d6 roses

64. d3 anchors

65. d3 books

66. Roll twice and combine

#RPGaDay2020 – Strange

d66 Synonyms for the Peculiar and Unusual

11. Astonishing

12. Bizarre

13. Curious

14. Different

15. Extraordinary

16. Fantastic

21. Funny

22. New

23. Odd

24. Offbeat

25. Outlandish

26. Peculiar

31. Rare

32. Remarkable

33. Unusual

34. Weird

35. Wonderful

36. Aberrant

41. Abnormal

42. Astounding

43. Atypical

44. Eccentric

45. Erratic

46. Exceptional

51. Far-Out

52. Idiosyncratic

53. Irregular

54. Marvellous

55. Mystifying

56. Oddball

61. Queer

62. Uncanny

63. Uncommon

64. Deviant

65. Bizarre

66. Peculiar