Genre Freelancer Available


Currently, my 2017 plate is fairly clear and free for freelancing and consultancy (I do have a project the next couple of weeks). I’m reliable and can offer fast turnaround. I can, perhaps uniquely, provide detail and grounding to scenarios – even dungeons – to humanise them and give them a bit of depth.

Give me a try, see what I can do for your projects.

I am a 17+ year veteran of the tabletop game publishing world with lots of experience in freelancing and self-publishing.

I’ve worked for Wizards of the Coast, Steve Jackson Games, Nightfall, Cubicle Seven Entertainment and more. I have also written fiction and worked on social media computer games, packing a lot of meaning and character into short pieces of text.

As a self-publisher, I have overseen every step of the publication process from concept through to publication including writing, editing, layout and modification.

I also produce Youtube material and have begun producing audiobooks. If you need some narration for a video project or an audiobook reading, I can help.

Here’s some of the services I can offer, and the minimum prices offered – though anything is negotiable up or down depending on the client. I will work pseudonymously if that is a concern for you.

You can also book me now through Fiverr or Peopleperhour.

  • New game writing (raw text): $0.03c/word (minimum)
  • Fiction/Flavour Text/Copy Writing to Order: $0.03c/word (minimum)
  • Proofreading/Light Editing/Commentary: $0.01c/word (second and third deeper passes are possible).
  • ePublishing/RPG Publishing consultation. Skype/Hangout/Call: $20/hour.
  • Consultation on your game project: $20/hour.
  • Layout (InDesign): $11 an hour.
  • Stock Art Shopfront: Postmortem studios have a huge stock art catalogue from multiple artists and we’d love to add you to that storefront. If you’re an artist who wants to sell your stock art but doesn’t want to deal with the accounts and uploads etc with your own storefront (which would be my first recommendation) then I can do that for you for 50% (I round up your payouts). Even if you don’t want to do this through me I recommend doing it anyway for all artists and can consult on best practice if you need advice.
  • Game Project Completion: Got a game project or text that isn’t quite ready for production? Want someone else to project manage and get it up and ready for sale – and sold? 50/50 split.
  • Voice Work: If you find my dulcet tones to your liking, I’m available for voice over work and narration, recording audiobooks and more. Rates negotiable, starting at $11 per hour.
  • Promotion/Interview: Free. If you have a product you want to pimp out or would like to just talk game design and culture you’re welcome to talk to me and appear on my Youtube channel.

Science/Fantasy Art Scholarship Appeal

We’re into the final sprint on the fundraising and I’d like to raise another 170 dollars. So if you have a buck, if you have five bucks, please throw it into the Darkzel Scholarship fund to help out a young or disadvantaged genre artist out there, trying to get by.

If you prefer to donate by Paypal, you can do so direct to me at – but please mark it as ‘Darkzel Scholarship’ so I know.

I will leave the fund open through February in case of any last minute donations, but at the end of January we switch to a focus more in trying to get applicants. So if you can’t donate money, or art, PLEASE spread the word – especially to students and artists in reduced circumstances. Get the word out on forums, social media, Twitter, Facebook wherever you can.

We really want to help some young artist in their budding career. Let’s make another Tim White or Jim Burns!



Interview with RPG Designer James “Grim” Desborough

Argosy Magazine

14900553_10157597632260545_5489451569054181338_n.jpgLet start at the beginning. How did you get your start in RPG publishing, and what would you recommend to new writers today?

I got my start in games writing producing photocopied fan material and zines – very punk. Would be considered illegal to do these days, I’m sure. I’d sell them at conventions and around school, that sort of thing. Eventually me and a friend pitched a bunch of ideas to every RPG company we could find and SJG took the bait – and Munchkin was born. That was my ‘lift off’, I suppose.

Today I’d tell writers that it is an horrendously fractured and absurdly competitive field. That there’s no rules any more. That they’re probably better off self-publishing, but that it’s a lot more work and needs a fine balance of self promotion and not being a dick. When it comes to the fiction I’ve not cracked…

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A post in which I prove Anna Kreider correct re her statement that The Watch is inspiring conversations about masculinity

Always interesting to see analysis of your work – and it being positive is a refreshing change!


watch-shirt.gifThe other day, I was reading up on a new RPG called The Watch, a game developed by Anna Kreider of Go Make Me a Sandwich and Andrew Medeiros of Northfire Games.  The premise as described is that a nebulous evil known as The Shadow is encroaching on civilization must be fought back by women and “female-of-center people”. What players do in this game and how they fight this Shadow is not described in any of the promotional posts I’ve read. It is, however, explicitly said that “The Shadow” represents “the Patriarchy” and you have to make saving throws against it any time you are “engaging in toxic behavior”.

It clicked in my head that The Watch has a very similar core premise as James Desborough’s gonzo Japanese Horror game Kagai!: Guro, Gore, Girls.147596

-Both games feature a mysterious existential evil force that is encroaching upon civilization.

-Both games…

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#1MillionGamersStrong – A Place to take a Stand for Creative Freedom

XMUvKeyDoyRtgDk-800x450-noPad#1MillionGamersStrong is a hashtag to stand against censorship. Ostensibly it’s about the stopped releases and ‘regionalisation’ (censorship) of Japanese games, but it’s an exemplar. A place to take a stand – and I encourage everyone who cares about free expression and creativity in media to sign.


Gamers Discussing #GamerGate Scandal Are Being Harassed; Where’s the Coverage? This Article Will Be Regularly Updated With Documented Harassment Of Gamers.

One of many resources on harassment suffered by GG supporters which has gone ignored by the press, otherwise falling over themselves to publicise such issues.

Citizen Journalist Jennifer J Medina

*1/12/15 02:03 PM Since this apparently needs to be restated at start although it is in the introductory section of this document:
I find this endeavor especially important due to the little coverage by mainstream media of the harassment gamers receive that discuss #GamerGate. Instead, we mainly witness coverage of harassment those opposed to discussing the #GamerGate scandal receive.
This article is meant to give light to what is barely getting any mainstream media coverage. It is covering gamers discussing #GamerGate. This piece is NOT meant to show “both sides.” Thank you*

There was a fairly recent Pew Poll done on the prevalence of online harassment. Apparently four-in-ten people have experienced some form of online harassment in their experience on the internet.

Online harassment is a serious issue for people of all identities; whether male, female, homosexual, transgender, white, black, Asian, etc. According to the poll,


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Crowdsourcing: Kagai! Design Assistance.

school-uniforms_00410775So Kagai! (which is my game of gory, Japanese B-Movie, ero-guro action) is just about done – it’s only a mini game – but I’d like to solicit some help.

I need to know what people would like to know about the setting and the game elements, if they were going to play or run it. What guidelines and assistance they would like to have. Here’s some basic info on the game, tell me the kinds of things you’d like/need to know so I can wrap this puppy up!

Elevator Pitch

The world has been invaded by monsters straight out of people’s nightmares and most of the world population is dead, or at war. One place is a little bit safer, a hyper-consumerist, high-tech Japanese arcology. Most of the remaining population is women and you’re a class of schoolgirls from the arcology who do a bit of vigilante monster hunting on the side, in a game styled after the hyper-kinetic, b-movie gorefests of Japanese B-list cinema. The system emphasises team tactics and differs from many games in that you roll first and then describe what you do from what you’ve rolled, rather than vice versa. You can also save dice for following turns, or push them into a pool for everyone to use.

Example Character

smoopIma Hasegawa – Age 18
Factory worker family.
Mother was killed by monsters, Father died in the war. Twin sister, Imako. Younger sister Ami – 16
She fights for kicks, getting a perverse excitement from it.
She fights with a baseball bat, Power +2, Accuracy -1.
Punk style.

Power: 3
Agility: 3
Coordination: 3
Fitness: 3
Social: 2
Beauty: 3
Awareness: 3
Smarts: 3
Health: OOOOOO
Defence: 2
Initiative: 6
Genki: OOOOO

Design & Technology: 1
English Language: 1
Geography: 1
Gym: 3
History: 1
Japanese Language: 1
Mathematics: 1
Science: 1
Social Studies: 1

Art: 0
Computing: 1
Home Economics: 3
Music: 4
Religious Studies: 0
Extracurricular Activities
Baseball: 4
Jiu-Jitsu: 2

Hand to hand attack: 5D, Power 3D.
Baseball bat attack: 6D, Power 5D.

tumblr_mrdlofu9sl1s4p4pro1_500Example Combat (Minion)

Ima is exploring a blood-stained contraception clinic in the lower levels when a pantsless zombie falls out of a cupboard and lurches at her, groaning ‘Booooobs…’

Ima only manages to roll one success for initiative, while the pantsless zombie she’s fighting manages to get 2.

It lunges forward, but it’s not pantsless exactly, they’re around its ankles, so with zero successes it fails to grab hold of her.

Backing away, Ima swings her bat and gets one success. That’s enough to hit a zombie (defence 1) but leaves her no extra dice. Rolling damage she gets two successes and decides to do that as damage, to make it easier to kill later on, if need be. It’s not a special hit, just a Health hit, a solid smash in the chest, fracturing a couple of ribs.

This time the zombie grabs hold of her, practically tripping over its own pants and tumbling into her, all stinking hands and foul, drooling mouth. The zombie barely hit and did one damage – rolling a 5. Rather than do any damage though, the Games Master pulls the zombie’s dice, saving it for another action.

Ima tries to get it off her, struggling using her jiu-jitsu. Neither her, nor the zombie, roll any successes but since she’s already grappled she remains grappled.

Pressing the attack the zombie gets two successes – enough to hit – and bites at her for 3D damage, getting one success. The Games Master decides to hold onto that two, giving the zombie two extra dice in his pool of pulled dice.

Ima strives to struggle free, getting one success – matched by the zombie. Spending Genki gets her an extra dice and a success. The zombie tries to use his own pool but fails to get any more successes and is thrown off, landing with a thump and immeditely scrabbling back at her but failing to get hold.

meh.ro9030Ima throws everything into her next attack and gets two successes, one more than she needed, which she throws into damage. With the bonus she rolls four successes for damage, but wants to get five so she can take out the zombie with a single stroke. Spending more Genki she fails – sadly – to get the success she needs and so banks the four successes with a pull action. The swing lashes out, over the head of the zombie, stalling it and giving her a great wind-up for her next attack.

Desperately the hunched over zombie makes a grab for her legs, but only gets one success – where it needed two. Its hands slip of her legs.

Ima swings down, dumping her previously banked dice into the attack. She gets four successes and banks three of them for damage after the one to hit. On the damage roll she finally gets five successes! Enough to damage the zombie’s smarts (1) and crush its skull.

“My bat strikes the top of the zombies head and smashes its skull open like a rotten gourd. Brains splash in all directions, staining my legs. A fragment of brain hits my cheek. I lick it up with my tongue and spit it out onto the zombie’s corpse.”

“Gross, regain one Genki.”

rape_zombie_ps201Sword-Fodder and Big Bads

Zombies aren’t the real point of the game, ‘big bads’ are. Tough and very dangerous monsters that require luck and friends to destroy. Being able to push dice means that characters can work together, help each other out and be good at things – like causing distractions – that aren’t directly combat, but which help everyone else.


So what would you want to know about the setting, the rules, the background? What tools would you like to help you run games? A random monster generator? Some example monsters? How in depth would the background need to be? What could I do to make it cool and to sell you on the idea?

#RPG Glitter Boys (RiftsPost)

PPO800-Rifter-18-Poster-Printers-ProofGlittering suits of armour and the heroic pilots who are synonymous with them, Glitter Boys don their armour in a way nobody else can – though others can indeed pilot the suits. Fighting the good fight for money, reputation or because its the right thing to do, their shining armour stands as a beacon in the darkness.

Stunt: As One Machine
Only when piloting Glitter Boy armour, the Glitter Boy gains a universal +1 to all actions while in that suit.

Stunt: Glitter Boy Armour
You start with a free, full suit of Glitter Boy armour, fresh off the production line, broken out of storage or passed father to son.

Stunt: Free Stunt
Pick or create your own additional stunts to customise your character.

Refresh: 3

Glitter Boy Armour
Optical Sensors
Targeting Systems
Sealed Systems
Slow and plodding

Scale: +1
Armour: 3 (5 versus energy weapons)
Physical Stress: OOOO

Innate Skills:
Athletics: +1
Physique: +3
(Use character skills otherwise)

Boom Gun: 1,000 round capacity, 1 shot per turn, +5 damage, mega-damage.

NB: Most vehicle scale weapons do not have the mega-damage trait, they’re simply powerful and large enough to damage large structures anyway. The Boom Gun as a signature weapon, and given the relatively small size of Glitter Boy armour, does to mega-damage, meaning it ignores target scale bonuses to armour.

#Gamergate Fiasco

B2RgoYJIAAEGTWsMaking this work will take a little more creativity and bending of ideas and relationships than usual, so is recommended for more experienced Fiasco players.

The Tilt Table pretty much works as written, as this is a satirical, overblown, satire of events intended to be played as a farce. All you really need is a bunch of people caught up in the whole affair on different sides.

1. Adversarial
1. Veterans of many mutual flamewars.
2. Moderator/Banned.
3. Battling Blogs.
4. Troll/Trollee.
5. Stalker/Stalked.
6. Brand New Hatred.

2. Professional
1. Blogger/Editor.
2. Journalist/PR Rep.
3. Website Owner/Studio.
4. Manager/Developer.
5. Former site Contributors.
6. Current site Contributors

3. Romantic
1. Sext Each Other Regularly.
2. Have Cybersex Under Assumed Identities.
3. Have jerked off to their N00dz.
4. Love/Hate Relationship.
5. Unreciprocated Attraction.
6. Snapchat.

4. Social Media
1. Twitter Followers.
2. Facebook Followers.
3. Google Plus Followers.
4. Youtube Followers.
5. Pinterest Followers.
6. Youtube Followers.

5. Hated By
1. LGBT People.
2. Guilt-Ridden White People.
3. The Whole Internet.
4. A Racial Minority.
5. Creative People.
6. Wingnuts.

6. Loved By
1. Downtrodden Men.
2. Creatives – albeit quietly.
3. Gamers.
4. Journalists.
5. Gender Studies Graduates.
6. Strong Women.

1. To Be Creative
1. To Make Games.
2. To Review Games.
3. To Play Games Your Way, that You Like.
4. To Make Non-Problematic Games.
5. To Stifle the Creativity of Others.
6. To Make a Naughty Game.

1. For Gamers!
2. For Developers!
3. For Me!
4. For Teh Gayzorz!
5. For Racial Minoities!
6. For Women!

3. To Soothe Your Crushing Guilt
1. About Being White.
2. About Being Male.
3. About Being Cisgendered.
4. About Being Heterosexual.
5. About Being Rich.
6. About Wasting Daddy’s Money on a Bullshit Degree.

4. To Play Games
1. RPGs.
2. First Person Shooters.
3. Third Person Action/Adventure Games.
4. Weird Indie Games Nobody Actually Likes, Even You.
5. To Win.
6. So You Can Bitch About Them.

5. To Get Money
1. By Selling Games.
2. By Selling Radical Feminism.
3. Through Dubious Crowdfunding.
4. Via Patreon.
5. Through Sympathy.
6. By Threats.

6. To Get Lulz
1. By Trolling.
2. By Doxxing.
3. By Harassment.
4. By Impersonation.
5. By Not Taking it Seriously.
6. By DDOS Attacks.

Locations (Sacrifice any Second Dice When You Choose)
1 – Forums – The topic might be banned, but you haven’t been – yet.
2 – Reddit – If there’s subreddits, are there domreddits?
3 – Youtube – The bottom half of the internet is terrible.
4 – Mainstream Media – Clueless nubs with an audience of millions.
5 – The Chans – The lawless frontier of the internet. Except for 4chan, who are now ‘fags’.
6 – Meatspace – Roll again.
1-2 – A Convention – We’re all friends here. Please don’t Nerf me in the balls.
3-4 – A News Studio – Five minutes to talk culture war to a partisan idiot.
4-5 – Someone’s Home – Put all that doxxing to use.

Features (Replace Objects)

1. Information
1. N00dz – She was on Suicide Girls. Him? Nobody Cares.
2. Dox – You know where they live.
3. Actual, hard facts.
4. Fake facts from bad surveys.
5. Social Media Analysis.
6. Compromising Information.

2. A Personal Object
1. Gaudy Hoop Earrings.
2. Rainbow Hair.
3. Gluten-Free, Hypoallergic, Ginger-Persons of indeterminate gender.
4. A Hard Drive Full of Porn.
5. A Neckbeard.
6. A Fedora.

3. The Internet Never Forgot…
1. That You Used to be a Nazi.
2. That You Were (or are) A Porn Star.
3. That One Time You Said Something Racist.
4. That One Time You Said Something Sexist.
5. Your Fashion Horrors of the Past.
6. An Embarassing Secret.

4. Secret Corruption
1. Bribes from Developers.
2. Threats from Developers.
3. Membership of a Secret Group/List.
4. Sex for Favours.
5. Political Corruption.
6. Cabal of Mutually Supporting Arseholes.

5. Extreme Views
1. Actual Nazi.
2. Anarcho-Capitalist Libertarian.
4. Your Actual Marxist.
5. Radical Feminist
6. #KillAllMen

6. Potentially Embarassing Non-Traditional Sexy Funtimes
1. Likes to Be Pegged.
2. Extreme Furry.
3. Hardcore BDSM.
4. Indescribably Weird Fetish.
5. Non-Practicing Love of Something Beyond the Pale.
6. Waifu.

Chronicles of Gor: Worldbook Preview ‘N’



Northern Forests: A huge swathe of dense, old woodland the Northern Forests are practically impenetrable to large armies which lose order rapidly. They are the haunt of bandits, outlaws and panther girls, the runaway slave bands of the forests, skilled archers and hunters who spar – often – with the outlaws who dwell here. Where the forests meet the water, neutral trading grounds are found where outlaws and panthers alike trade and sell slaves and furs.


The Northern Forests are truly enormous and form a natural barrier between Torvaldsland and the rest of the north, and civilised Gor to the south – at least by land. The forest seems to be a blend of needle trees and broad leafed trees depending how far north and how close to the coast that you go. We didn’t spend too much time there for fear of Panther Girls and outlaws but all that ancient woodland made me think how ancient Britain must have looked when so much of it was forest. Here was something familiar to someone who knows the forests of Europe, right down to the smell of the leaves and the green dust in the air. You could hide cities in this forest and on the maps of Samos it is larger – much larger – than the jungles of the interior. There must be secrets there.