#RPG – Not Dead Yet

Hey friends (and hate followers),

Not going to lie, been a bit of a rough go of things lately and as a result I haven’t been able to put the work into things – including my Youtube channel – that I would have liked to. Hopefully I can start to get back on the horse soon.

I’m still doing things, but prioritising Tabletopless and tinkering with shorter things or projects other people have written, such as the new Giallo release (and more to come).

It’s not so much COVID and lockdown, but issues with my disability assistance, getting used to the later nights for Tabletopless and trying allow myself some time off to relax and do some things just for me. Reading, painting, writing, without it all having to earn money or be for public consumption.

I hope you’ll all bear with me and continue to support Postmortem Studios. If you’ve been with me for a while you know that these depressive and low-energy episodes can drag on a while, but I do come out of them.

Talk soon,


4 responses to “#RPG – Not Dead Yet

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  2. Hello Grim,

    I’ve been consuming your video content for about a year and would like to support you. Patreon and similar isn’t my jam – instead I would like to purchase some of your product.

    Can you please recommend some things you sell that would be useful for my Stars Without Number campaign that I’ll be starting this weekend? Particularly helpful would be sci-fi/cyberpunk themed locations/encounters that I can drop into my sector without too much GM prep.

    Hope the black dog isn’t biting too hard – it can be right bastard!

    Best wishes, Josh

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