#RPGaDay2020 – Lever

d66 Pressure, applied at a particular point, can cause great impact…

11. An assassination

12. A marriage

13. The birth of a child

14. A rite

15. A blessing

16. An auspicious celestial alignment

21. A message

22. A rabble-rousing speech

23. The outbreak of a plague

24. The rise of a cult

25. A religious vision

26. A heresy

31. A book or pamphlet

32. The use of a powerful weapon

33. A new spell development

34. The rise of a new union or guild

35. A charismatic leader

36. A political shift from one pole to another

41. Something stolen

42. Something destroyed

43. A natural disaster

44. A fire

45. Sabotage

46. A monarch’s succession

51. A religious succession

52. A blight

53. A famine

54. War that spreads beyond its borders

55. An enormous storm

56. A sign from the gods

61. Mass movement of nomads or refugees

62. A rising by a persecuted minority

63. The revelation of a secret

64. Acts of terrorism

65. An alliance is forged

66. Roll twice and combine

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