#RPGaDay2020 – Humour

D66 Mildly Amusing Magic Items

11. Dwarfbread Throwing Bagels

12. Sword of Healing

13. Arrow Magnet

14. Nipples Tassels of Hypnotism

15. The codpiece of a Thousand Oozes

16. Axe of Questions

21. Halfling-Flinger

22. Head of Vecna

23. Potion of Falling

24. Oil of Rigidity

25. Potion Solid Form

26. Potion of Soda Form

31. Lego of Golem Building

32. Ewer of Endless Gravy

33. Pants of Incontinence

34. Rod of Penile Compensation (inversely powerful compared to…)

35. The Staff You Cannot Get

36. Staff of Drizzle and Mist

41. Wand of Midge Domination

42. Wand of Firecrotch

43. Sorcerous Pimp Cane

44. Ring of Gin Summoning

45. Ring of Elementary Command (from ages 4 to 11)

46. Ring of Carrying Protection

51. Ring of the Monkey Paw

52. A Mullet of Charisma

53. Deck of Decking

54. Duvet of Consuming Comfiness

55. Clockwork Monkey Butler

56. Spectacles of Yourself

61. Gauntlets of Fisting

62. Hat of Wise Guys

63. McNoogin’s Headcase

64. Bass of Dropping

65. Gelatinous Rube

66. New unique item

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