#RPGaDay2020 – Push

John Wallin Liberto

d66 Sci-Fi Button Effects

11. Shields on

12. Shields off

13. All stop

14. Red alert

15. Yellow alert

16. Vent drive plasma

21. Jump to lightspeed

22. Fire lasers

23. Fire missiles

24. Antigravity on

25. Antigravity off

26. Gravity up by 1G

31. Gravity down by 1G

32. Hailing frequencies open 

33. Engage cloak

34. Disengage cloak

35. Turn left

36. Turn right

41. Turn up

42. Turn down

43. Cancel alert status

44. Launch a probe

45. Deploy a beacon

46. Vent cargo bays

51. Abandon ship

52. Entertainment system activate

53. Bring up a local starmap

54. Activate system diagnostic

55. Ship-wide transmission

56. Open cup-holder

61. Active sensor ping

62. Adjust seat

63. Transfer controls from another station

64. A loud error noise

65. A little light lights up saying ‘Please do not press this button again’.

66. Roll twice

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