#RPGaDay2020 – Tower

d66 Tower Inhabitants

11. A wizard (d’uh).

12. Nobody, it’s completely and mysteriously abandoned.

13. There’s little more than animals, but the tower is dangerously dilapidated and could well collapse.

14. A necromancer, who has filled it with perverse undead creations.

15. A huge flock of corvids.

16. A screeching nest of harpies.

21. A griffon and its hatchlings.

22. The spectre of the former inhabitant.

23. A nest of giant spiders and their web.

24. Giant bees, who have hollowed out the interior.

25. An ooze that lurks in the tower’s basement.

26. The strange cross-bred creations of an insane wizard.

31. Roosting bats, and their valuable guano.

32. Bandits, seeking shelter and protection.

33. A druid, who is tearing the tower down, piece by piece.

34. It has become the meeting place of an unholy cult.

35. A filthy band of goblins, who hurls stones at attackers from the upper levels.

36. A gang of apes.

41. A satyr has turned it into a love nest.

42. A young dragon, trying it out for a first hoard.

43. A dryad whose sacred tree has grown out of the partially collapsed building.

44. Mushroom men, spores growing in the wet and rotting wood and material within the shell of the tower.

45. A basilisk, who has surrounded the tower with ‘statues’.

46. A trio of trolls, a small family.

51. A vampire, carving out a new domain.

52. A rampaging wyvern, who hunts in the surrounding forest.

53. A golem, and other constructs who maintain the tower even in the owner’s absence.

54. Jovial animated objects who launch into song at a moment’s notice.

55. A djinn, who has made it his minor palace.

56. The demons who were summoned by the hapless former owner.

61. It’s not a tower, but rather an enormous, sleeping earth elemental.

62. A band of guards from the nearest town, using the tower for keeping watch.

63. A hunter’s lodge and hide.

64. A charnel pit of dead animals and people.

65. Giants have turned it into a smokehouse.

66. Roll twice and combine.