#RPGaDay2020 – Meet

D66 Places for a Clandestine Meeting

11. A private room in an inn

12. Beneath a bridge

13. In the blind spot beneath the city wall

14. In a hidden cellar

15. In a tidal cave during low tide

16. In a mausoleum

21. A private room in a private club

22. A guarded alleyway

23. The kitchen of a restaurant

24. Behind the false front of a shop

25. In a cleaned out sewer chamber

26. In the belltower of a temple

31. A confessional booth

32. In a traveller’s caravan

33. In a fortune teller’s tent

34. A secret room in a manor house

35. A hidden chamber in a castle

36. A magical pocket dimension

41. The luxurious surroundings of a brothel

42. A sauna

43. A bathhouse

44. A scummy tavern closed just for this meeting

45. The middle of a bridge

46. On a barge

51. On a ship

52. On a roof-garden

53. In an attic-space

54. In a grove or gazebo in a park

55. In a partially constructed building

56. In two boats in the river

61. At the end of a pier

62. Two neighbouring towers

63. A carriage

64. An abandoned farmhouse

65. A clearing in the woods

66. Roll twice and combine as best you can

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