#RPG – NEW RELEASES! EroTech Gazetteer 2 and All New Autopsy Issue 2!

Yes, it’s true. You can get the new EroTech gazetteer now, but only directly from the Postmortem Studios store, or by signing up to Tabletopless.

Autopsy, on the other hand, you can buy as an electronic version, or get it in print from Lulu.com

Don’t say I never do anything for you.

#RPGaDay2020 – Meet

D66 Places for a Clandestine Meeting

11. A private room in an inn

12. Beneath a bridge

13. In the blind spot beneath the city wall

14. In a hidden cellar

15. In a tidal cave during low tide

16. In a mausoleum

21. A private room in a private club

22. A guarded alleyway

23. The kitchen of a restaurant

24. Behind the false front of a shop

25. In a cleaned out sewer chamber

26. In the belltower of a temple

31. A confessional booth

32. In a traveller’s caravan

33. In a fortune teller’s tent

34. A secret room in a manor house

35. A hidden chamber in a castle

36. A magical pocket dimension

41. The luxurious surroundings of a brothel

42. A sauna

43. A bathhouse

44. A scummy tavern closed just for this meeting

45. The middle of a bridge

46. On a barge

51. On a ship

52. On a roof-garden

53. In an attic-space

54. In a grove or gazebo in a park

55. In a partially constructed building

56. In two boats in the river

61. At the end of a pier

62. Two neighbouring towers

63. A carriage

64. An abandoned farmhouse

65. A clearing in the woods

66. Roll twice and combine as best you can