#RPGaDay2020 – Comfort

D66 Features of Comfortable Fantasy Inns (Roll 1d3 times)

11. A roaring hearth, burning fragrant wood.

12. The scent of fresh-cooked bread lingering in the air.

13. The sweet and cloying smoke of pipeweed, thick enough to make you as amiable and giggly as the locals.

14. An excellent, locally brewed ale.

15. Thick rugs underfoot, rather than straw or rushes.

16. A heavy, hardwood bar top, older than the inn itself.

21. Elegantly carved wooden chairs, with soft cushions.

22. Hot and cold running barmaids.

23. A rather dashing stableboy.

24. A friendly innkeeper with a ready smile and a wealth of jokes.

25. A very fine cider, made from a local strain of apples.

26. The aroma of roasting pork, tempting people in from the road through the village.

31. A myriad of wonderful paintings of the people and landscape around the inn, rendered by a local artist.

32. The freshest fish, finely prepared, caught in the local river.

33. Proper beds, with eiderdowns and big fluffy pillows.

34. Cluttered with interesting artefacts from the long history of the inn, there’s something fascinating in every corner.

35. A big friendly dog who likes to rest his chin on patron’s legs and beg for cheese.

36. A big, fluffy cat who loves to curl up in patron’s laps.

41. Heavy tables, worn smooth with polish and time.

42. A freshly thatched roof, that still smells of fresh straw.

43. A big, rounded, friendly and welcoming door – despite its iron bindings.

44. Abundant, colourful and fragrant window boxes.

45. A sheltered beer garden, planted with wildflowers and shady trees.

46. A wonderful spirit, made by freezing cider in the winter and removing the ice.

51. Bright-burning lanterns and shelves of books to encourage the locals to read and study.

52. A well-tended herb garden, and home remedies made from its produce.

53. A well-stocked cellar, with a wide variety of ales and wines, and enough preserved food to wait out a siege.

54. The inn has its own chickens, scratching and pecking around the outside.

55. A duck pond and its feathering inhabitants, which means ducklings every year.

56. A very skilled and friendly cook, with a great line in honey-cakes and an eagerness to make the things regular customers like.

61. Amiable, good-natured – but very accomplished – skittles players, who absolutely will hustle you, but only for laughs.

62. A rascally pair of ferrts who, when they’re not hunting rabbits for the pot, have free run of the inn – and love everyone.

63. Local musicians and poets drink and eat free, a song or a story for a drink or a meal. So there’s always something going on.


65. Low-beamed ceilings create a closed-in, safe feeling like being in big, smoky, boozy womb.

66. Roll an extra time, or come up with something new.