#RPGaDay2020 – Message

D66 Messages

11. A crumpled scrap of paper, delivered by a lovable street urchin.

12. A tiny note attached to the leg of a homing pigeon.

13. A much larger note, attached to the leg of a homing owlbear.

14. A magical message that manifests in your mind.

15. A whispered message, carried by a sparkling sprite.

16. A riddle, spoken by a purple salamander.

21. A wax-sealed letter, delivered by a rider.

22. Important news, yelled by a town crier.

23. Delivery from the postal service, private, public, local or global.

24. Printed copies of the same message, falling from the sky.

25. A singing telegram.

26. A giant semaphore tower, flapping like an ogre swatting a fly.

31. The beacons are lit!

32. A unicorn’s head in your bed.

33. A strange, recurring dream.

34. The freakish babbling of a street preacher.

35. A note tied to a rat.

36. Crawling insects move into formation to spell something out.

41. A coded message meant for someone else.

42. An ill omen, manifesting in animals and other signs.

43. A good omen, manifesting in animals and other signs.

44. A revelation from a god.

45. Flashing lights carry a message between two points at a considerable distance.

46. Galvanic power conveys a message along a long wire, spooled over a long distance.

51. A faint voice rings out of a can with a piece of string poked through the bottom.

52. Yodeling from the hills.

53. A vibration conveyed through the rock.

54. Flowers have a language all their own, and this bouquet speaks volumes.

55. Grafitti scrawl will take you from one piece to the next, spelling out a message between them all.

56. The priest’s sermon seems especially pointed at you.

61. A swivel-eyed prophet has returned from the wilderness.

62. An advertisement in the broadsheet seems to be aimed at you.

63. That ‘X’, painted on the window must mean something to someone.

64. A tattoo seems an awfully permanent way to courier information.

65. This strip of ribbon almost seems to have letters on it, but not quite.

66. Roll twice and combine.