#RPG – My Own Dungeon (with blackjack, and hookers) RELEASED

A single page, basic-bitch RPG you can fold up and carry around in your wallet for emergency adventures. It’s edgy or ‘artpunk’ or something. IDFK.

That’s it.


#RPGaDay2020 – Stack

D66 Books, Lurking in the stacks

11. The Theatre of Scraps, Play fragments by Rethea Femm

12. The Officer’s Commission, a Memoir of The Hobby War

13. Awful Restaurants of the World, by Ekans Pew

14. The Recovery of Guilt, tales of salvage, by Captain Endor Slough

15. Retiring With Style, Anything but a Tavern, by Gants Riep

16. Stunning Ignorance, a Monograph of Stupidity by Dip Kidney

21. The Responsibility of Infrastructure, the duller side of rule, by Baron Hikvain Crestima

22. The Inspiration of Ostracism, The rebel thinker’s handbook, by Anon

23. Paper Constellations, the Stars of the Past, by Astrologer Nooshan Drabble

24. Trick Empire, the Folklore of the Coyote Kingdom

25. Bulletins of the Barber-Surgeon’s Council

26. Pedestrian Troop Tactics, Captain Ruuf

31. Rainbow Commerce, The Colour Theory of Foreign Trade, Domco Repcee

32. The Lazy Seller, Offloading Treasure with No Effort

33. Food Prejudice, How Your Culinary Choices Make you a Bad Person, Aniida Expeer.

34. Torture as a Hobby, Galdron’s Patent Sensitivity Method

35. The Irrational Canvas, Art as an Alternative to Scrolls for Illiterate Magi

36. The Cottage of Gloom, A Collection of Miserable Tales, Pennysize Dukree

41. A Terrifying Shambles, The Retreat from Reflection Flats, Anon

42. A Forge for Crime, Vertos Dipfinger

43. The Orthodox Progressive, The Calcification of Rebellion, Welf Blego

44. Quality Jam, Restorative Sweetness by Granny Oolix

45. Concentrated Indulgence, Managing Your Vices, by the Marquis Carvel

46. Speculations on the New Magic, Vizard Werkawl

51. The Courtship of Slimes, an Unfinished Monograph by Dr Apparakok

52. Reinforcing Miracles, Selling Minor Magic to Rubes, Father Onepope Junin

53. The Strict Mill, Agricultural Producitivy Via a Reign of Terror, Shade Inferno

54. 100 Dungeon Gaffes, An Amusement, Nam Weylonde

55. Interspecies Lovemaking, an Illustrated Guide, Balthazar Brokenbell

56. Folk Diplomacy, The Petty Politics of the Burgher, Grandmother Spameeg

61. An Introduction to Amber, Gemstone of the Trees

62. A Pound of Harassment, a Ton of Despair, Psychological Warfare on the Personal Level, Bortho Doxfor

63. A Directory of Bathtubs, Expar Duprix

64. The Accumulation of Detail, The Modern Design, Maestro Incriti

65. Basic Amputation, the Folk Wisdom of Goblin Medicine, Doctor Divishall

66. Roll twice and jumble the two