#RPGaDay2020 – Couple

d66 Touching Moments

11. An awkward man presents his beau with a mildly crushed flower, that has lost half its petals.

12. A young couple steal a kiss in a doorway.

13. A young man inexpertly plays an instrument as he pitches woo to the object of his affection in an upstairs window.

14. A drunken, lecherous bawd is being given the bum’s rush by a barmaid.

15. An old couple hold hands as they sit on a bench and watch the world go by.

16. A grand proposal is taking place, down on one kneed and everything. The ring is enormous. They say… 1-3 Yes, 4-5 No, 6 Ummm…

21. A naked man hangs from a windowsill, while the sounds of a viciously argumentative couple sound out of the open shutters.

22. “I’m pregnant!” She says. Her partner takes it… 1-3 Well, 4-5 Poorly, 6 It’s not theirs.

23. A dirty old man just goosed a young lady. She turned about and punched a completely innocent young man – assuming it was him.

24. A bookish young lady is attempting to show interest to a lunk-headed young man, by reading poetry to him using an allegory of horses. She stutters, he has an expression like a dog being shown a card trick.

25. Rats, fucking in the drainage ditch.

26. Birds nuzzle each other on a washing line.

31. A young couple, noisily and wetly making out on the steps.

32. A young man is doing a dangerous stunt to try and impress a girl.

33. A gaggle of young women discussing the impressive… qualities of a young man.

34. A gaggle of young men having a loud conversation about breasts, complete with hand gestures.

35. There are personal items scattered in the street, and a spurned lover pleading with their partner to let them back inside.

36. A middle-aged couple shares a meal at a cafe or taverna, holding hands across the table.

40. A stern chaperone scowls disapprovingly as a couple try to flirt subtly.

41. Raucous laughter echoes from the doors of a house of ill-repute.

42. A beautiful woman pushes a dried-up old sot around in a wheeled chair, but she’s not his nurse.

43. A wedding is about to start, and the area is choked with guests.

44. A wedding is in progress and the sounds of (bad) singing ring out from the temple.

45. A wedding just ended, petals and rice are being thrown in celebration, and the bells are tolling.

46. A revel to celebrate a wedding is underway, with many people getting drunk, feasting and celebrating loudly.

51. A smiling widow/widower lays a single lily on a tomb.

52. A heartbroken, spurned lover sits in the middle of the road, sobbing with his head in his hands.

53. A giddy, laughing, happy partner, and one buried under a pile of new purchases.

54. Young girls are playing a divining game to learn the profession of their future husband.

55. Two families don’t approve of a tryst and are separating the lovers.

56. Two men are about to engage in a duel over their lady love.

61. A pair of women are in a scratching, biting, hair-pulling catfight over a man.

62. A female cat is in season and loudly caterwauling while her many suitors brawl and yowl in the area.

63. A young couple carves their names into a tree.

64. A romantic play has captured the attention of many lovers.

65. At the market, a hawker is selling overpriced, romantic gifts.

66. Roll twice and mix them.