#RPGaDay2020 – Forest

Art: Veli Nystrom

d66 Varieties of Woodland

11. Coppiced woodland (cut back to promote new growth for firewood).

12. Apple orchard.

13. Pear orchard.

14. Cider apple orchard.

15. Perry pear orchard.

16. Cherry orchard.

21. Quince orchard.

22. Plum orchard.

23. Wild forest.

24. Forest.

25. Woods.

26. Stand of oaks for timber.

31. Hazel thicket (for nuts and fencing).

32. A bosk of trees and shrubs.

33. A boscage of nut and fruit trees for animal fodder and taxation.

34. A holy grove of the old faith.

35. A dingle, a hollow surrounded by trees.

36. A spinney, full of thorns, providing cover for game birds.

41. A weald of scattered, thin woodland and leaf litter.

42. An avenue of tall trees that form a tunnel with their branches.

43. An area of wildwood, untouched by human hand, full of mould and brambles.

44. A brake of ferns, thrusting up around a field of stumps.

45. A thick hedge of blackthorn.

46. A stand of elder.

51. A silva of typical trees for the area, fringed with blackberry bushes.

52. A lightning-struck tree that still stand.

53. A stand of yew, with the king’s mark, intended for longbows.

54. Abandoned, giant trees of the elfin folk.

55. Soft earth, pierced with trees, riddled with burrows and sets.

56. A woodlot, growing ash, oak, pine and birch for building.

61. A line of fast-growing trees as a boundary marker, for farmland or or others.

62. A twisted bower of gnarled and malignant trees.

63. A clearing of wildflowers and hay grass, fringed with dog roses.

64. A natural gibbet. A tall tree with a strong, horizontal branch. A body hangs there.

65. A moss-lined cavern of knotted roots.

66. Roll and combine two.

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