#RPGaDay2020 – Tribute

D66 Offerings to heroes and leaders

11. Nothing, but our loyalty.

12. The fabled ice jewel of Frigia.

13. A fatted calf.

14. A statue in your honour.

15. A yearly stipend in gold or silver.

16. The finest horse in the fiefdom.

21. A Knights fee (1d6 x 1,000 acres).

22. The hand of a noble son or daughter in marriage.

23. Ennoblement or title.

24. A tun of ale (equal to four hogsheads).

25. A butt of wine (equal to three tierces).

26. A puncheon of mead (equal to two tierces).

31. A hogshead of distilled spirits (equal to two barrels of 32 gallons).

32. A barrel of salted pork.

33. A barrel of salted fish.

34. Your weight in salt.

35. A coffer of spices.

36. An array of perfumes.

41. A religious indulgence.

42. A small flock of sheep.

43. A small herd of cows.

44. A small drove of pigs.

45. A small trip of goats.

46. A small brood of chickens.

51. License to hunt on noble’s land.

52. A coat of arms, tartan, or another signifier unique to your line.

53. A sword, made by the finest craftsmen, specifically for your hand.

54. A squire or man-at-arms.

55. A coomb of apples or pears (four bushels).

56. Eight bushels of grain.

61. A personal blessing from the highest-ranking priest in the fiefdom.

62. A fragment of a holy relic to place in your sword or armour.

63. A coffer of silver.

64. A coffer of gold.

65. A bag of gemstones.

66. Roll twice and combine.