#RPGaDay2020 – Vision

d66 Don’t eat those mushrooms!

11. Colourful trails.

12. Everything is, slightly, melting.

13. A stroboscopic sky.

14. A kaleidoscope of broken glass.

15. Hands are fascinating.

16. This particular detail right here, this spot, this dot, contains the whole cosmos.

21. The stars and planets are here on Earth, resting on the ground.

22. A city, made up of different platonic shapes, in the far distance.

23. A great, shimmering, pool of water.

24. Ants, under your skin.

25. Worms in your eyes.

26. A flexing chequerboard pattern.

31. Everything tastes of windchimes.

32. I hear music.

33. There is someone stood directly behind you, at all times.

34. A disembodied voice reciting something, but you can barely hear.

35. The voices are telling you to kill your friends.

36. A chorus of laughter that comes and goes like waves.

41. Rolling waves of heat and cold that move through your body.

42. People’s proportions are distorted and elongated as though they are made of rubber.

43. Everything is soft and squishy.

44. You can see sound, moving through the air.

45. Enormous sea creatures gambol through the air and clouds.

46. The ancient one, his terrible eye burning purple in the night, singles you out for his harrowing attentions.

51. God, or his angels, appear to you and engage in conversation.

52. Everything is intense and hyper-saturated. Every perception is heightened.

53. You can talk to animals, and they talk back.

54. Your body is changing, like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

55. A nameless something is stalking and watching you.

56. Distorted vision, like seeing the world through a fisheye lens.

61. Your spirit rises from your body and dissolves into the landscape.

62. A shimmering oasis.

63. Time stretches and contracts constantly.

64. You have a powerful sensation of deja vu.

65. Combine two.

66. Combine three.

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