#RPGaDay2020 – Change

d66 What has it got in its pocketses?

11. A single, ancient, copper penny.

12. 1d6 copper pennies.

13. 2d6 copper pennies.

14. 1d6 silver coins and 2d6 copper pennies.

15. 2d6 silver coins and 2d6 copper pennies.

16. 1 gold coin, 1d6 silver coins and 2d6 copper pennies.

21. 1d6 gold coins, 1d6 silver coins and 1d6 copper pennies.

22. A promissory note from a bank or guild.

23. A letter from a loved one.

24. A necklace with a broken chain.

25. A locket, with a picture of their beloved.

26. A hard candy, wrapped in paper.

31. A twist of dried meat.

32. A carved wooden doll.

33. A ring (probably not magical).

34. A handkerchief (clean).

35. A handkerchief (soiled).

36. A herbal remedy for an unknown ailment.

41. A single key.

42. 1d6 keys on a ring.

43. A wallet or coinpurse.

44. A very small bottle of alcoholic spirits.

45. 1d6 treats for a pet of some sort.

46. A knotted piece of string.

51. A memento-mori of a lost friend.

52. A single gemstone of questionable value.

53. A lucky stone with a hole through it.

54. Nothing but your fingers.

55. Bugger all.

56. Zip.

61. Nowt.

62. Nada.

63. Nothing.

64. Roll twice and combine.

65. Roll three times and combine.

66. Roll four times and combine.