#RPGaDay2020 – Beginning

D66 Quest Givers

11. A strange pull from one of your magickal artefacts, leading you to adventure.

12. An old, hooded man, who can speak with ravens. He has one eye and leans on a staff.

13. A flock of birds, repeating the words of dangerous men.

14. A fortune-teller’s grim tidings.

15. A bloodied note, tied to a pigeon.

16. A street urchin, paid a shiny silver coin to convey the message.

21. A leper, bearing a message, able to pass unmolested.

22. The dying gasps of a plague-struck man.

23. A vision in a dream.

24. A blinding revelation.

25. A message accompanying an answered prayer, with an implicit ‘You owe me’ from a deity.

26. A possessed peasant, who shrieks their prophecies of doom between contortions and vomiting.

31. A spirit of the slain, seeking a worthy hero to avenge them.

32. The town crier rings his bell and bellows out the news, including one troublesome item…

33. A widow fritters away her dead husband’s fortune, paying handsome adventurers to pursue perilous deeds.

34. A band of starving peasants, offering their last grain and pig for aid.

35. A cursed item that demands the completion of a quest for the malaise to be lifted.

36. Your betrothed’s father doesn’t wish you to marry, and so has set an impossible task for you to complete.

41. The local lord wishes to bestow a stipend and title upon you, but his council will not agree without the completion of a noble deed.

42. You overhear a hushed conversation between criminals that piques your interest.

43. Another party of ‘venturers don’t fancy their chances and tries to fob you off with their task, complete with false bravado.

44. Omens continue to pile up until what they presage is too apparent to ignore.

45. A fit and visions strike you. If superstitious peasants don’t burn you, you have insight into an imminent threat.

46. It seems you owe debts, debts that have been traded between bankers, merchants and nobles until they’re consolidated. One merchant has come to collect. As luck would have it, he knows where you can get the money.

51. Your mother told you strange tales when she set you abed. It seems one of those stories may have some truth to it. You have to find out.

52. A member of your family arrives, having tracked you down. The family is in trouble and needs your help.

53. A socially awkward wizard just summoned you, assuming you’d want to help.

54. Your reputation precedes you and is rather inflated. As a result, some somewhat hopeful people want to reward you for undertaking a mission which sounds to be beyond your capability.

55. You are being guided, and tested, by a trickster god and cannot help but stumble into his machinations. He loves to watch and wants you to know he’s there.

56. With your heads resting on the sweat-stained pillow, your lover asks for a teensy, weensy favour.

61. At the temple, one of the worshippers begins speaking in tongues and suffering spasms. Suddenly they point at you and talk of a horrifying threat to come.

62. You may not know you have an enemy, but they know of you. They taunt you to challenge or stop them, gloating at any sign of hesitation.

63. The corpse has a single word spelt out in their entrails.

64. The mould and damp on the wall seem to form a prophetic tableau, at least to your eyes.

65. The enemy has sent riders, to pre-empt your involvement by slaying you. However, this will only draw you to them.

66. Roll twice and combine them, somehow.