#RPG – A Month of Monsters – The Samudree-Naga

44323414_10216592300338069_6994907381784117248_nYou can buy this piece of stock art, for as little as $1 this month as part of a promotion. We have a promotion running all month, 31 pieces of monstrous stock art, one a day until all are at on sale culminating on the 31st for Halloween.

This piece depicts an aquatic naga.

The samudree-naga are the guardians of the seas, their ruins and their stocks of ancient magical items and lore. Where other naga guard tombs, temples and treasure-stores in the jungles, the samudree-naga lurk in the tropical seas, the depths of the swamps and the flooded, lower levels of the water temples. More spiritual and contemplative than many other naga, they also retain more of a ‘humanoid’ appearance – as regards their face.

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