A Month of Monsters – The Masks of Malkira

masksYou can buy this piece of stock art, for as little as $1 this month as part of a promotion. We have a promotion running all month, 31 pieces of monstrous stock art, one a day until all are at on sale culminating on the 31st for Halloween.

This piece depicts unsettling party-goers, clad in masks.

The masks of Malkira once belonged to Lady Ziva Dažboh, known for her refusal to marry and her debauched and expensive parties. Late in her life, she had a sudden change of heart and, following six months of cloistered study, prayer and self-reflection reappeared on the social scene, inviting her many friends, confidantes and bon vivants back to Castle Esternos for a grand party to celebrate her return.

The party-goers found the house much as they remembered, along with the entertainments. Drink, drugs, potions, whores, entertainers and fine foods. This was, however, a masquerade ball.

To their horror, at the stroke of midnight, the masks bound to their flesh and revealed their ‘true selves’, inverting their beliefs, consciences and all else. For many of the debauched party-goers this was a horrifying and sudden sense of guilt and shame and many took their lives, others dragged away by devils who – seemingly – provided the lady with the masks. Since the party they have scattered to the four winds, cursed treasures waiting to turn others and to expose their hypocritical natures.

As to Lady Ziva, she vanished that same night.

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