#RPG – A Month of Monsters – Avarus, the Dragon of Greed

DragonYou can buy this piece of stock art, for as little as $1 this month as part of a promotion. We have a promotion running all month, 31 pieces of monstrous stock art, one a day until all are at on sale culminating on the 31st for Halloween.

This piece depicts a dragon, squatting atop its golden hoard.

This is Avarus, a dragon of greed (in medieval times dragons were associated with the serpent from the Bible, and with the various sins). Avarus squats in a vast underground chamber beneath a stone circle, tended and attended by a cult of corrupted druids who bring him riches and perform human sacrifices – even though he answers no prayers and has no special powers to aid them, he can only withhold his wrath.

The area around him – out to seven miles – is filled with small, dilapidated villages, filled with suspicious people and misers. Many around here bury their treasure or take extreme precautions against thieves. You can also expect to pay a great deal more for goods and services throughout this area, as much as your purse can stand. Market days, often jolly and festival-like elsewhere, are nasty, mean-spirited and frequently spill over into fights here.

It has been like this since the days of old when squabbling over the succession to a long dead, and now forgotten queen gave rise to Avarus, a physical embodiment of greed, born of the clutching schemes of her children.

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