#RPGaDay2018 31. Share why you take part in RPGaDAY


I like the opportunity to shill my stuff.

OK, not exactly. There’s also the fact that it provides useful prompts for a month’s worth of blog content.

OK, not exactly that either.

Rather, simply, just that it is thought provoking and a good way to – non-confrontationally – share what you like, believe and hope for games and to tap into the broader community through a concurrent exploration of these issues.

I find it doubly fascinating to read other people’s responses, from the perspective of a game designer.

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I’m an independent RPG (and other games) designer and author. You can check out my stuff via the links at the side of postmortemstudios.wordpress.com. If you feel so inclined, after a look around, you can support me at patreon.com/grimachu, Minds.com/grimachu or steemit.com/@grimjim. Questions and queries are welcome, remember, ‘Nullius in verba’!

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