#RPGaDay2018 30. Share something you learned about playing your character


I’m usually the Games Master, but in playing characters of fundamentally different mindsets to my own I think I’ve learned – imperfectly but better than most – to understand (but not really empathise with) those other mindsets.

I think this has made me a better debater in my real life and has helped me to comprehend where others are coming from, even if I disagree with them and what they’re doing.

On reflection, I think this is one of the many things playing these games and these characters can do for people in a positive way that betters their lives beyond the game. In playing these games we often learn about politics, science, history, ideology, religion and a host of other issues in a gamified way that encourages even more learning.

Each character you learn something new, each world you hone skills of interpretation and imagination. That has to be worth something.

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I’m an independent RPG (and other games) designer and author. You can check out my stuff via the links at the side of postmortemstudios.wordpress.com. If you feel so inclined, after a look around, you can support me at patreon.com/grimachu, Minds.com/grimachu or steemit.com/@grimjim. Questions and queries are welcome, remember, ‘Nullius in verba’!

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