#RPGaDay2018 28. Share whose inspiring gaming excellence you’re grateful for


#RPGaDay2018 28. Share whose inspiring gaming excellence you’re grateful for

Satine Phoenix gets a ton of praise from all and sundry, to the point where a lot of people are probably sick of her.

The praise is deserved.

Satine is an indefatigable dervish of enthusiasm, love, creativity and wonder. I love her to bits.

She’s traced an odd path to becoming such a keystone in the community relations aspect of D&D and at every stage I think she’s been a wonderful spokeswoman for the games and the community (such as that can be said to exist).

I find her enthusiasm infectious, and it re-ignites the passion for gaming in this jaded and embittered old bastard. I’m happy to have played some tiny role in aiding her success.

I hope she stays with us – and gaming – for a long, long time.

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