#RPGaDay2018 23. Which game do you hope to play again?


As I have belaboured extensively, I’m usually the person who Games Masters, and that’s where I’m most happy to be. If you include ‘Games Master’ as one of the players, then just looking at the games currently in my immediate library shelf…

Vampire the Masquerade: I got so damn jaded from the LARP experience it made it virtually impossible to enjoy. I guess I’ll take a look at 5th edition.

Cyberpunk 2020: We’ve got things planned – VERY much in advance – for me to run a CP2020 game in the year 2020. So that should be fun!

Tales of Gargentihr: A gem of an indie RPG from ‘back in the day’ which I should go through in my video series sometime – though it suffers from the same self-destructing tendency as early SLA Industries books.

Dragon Warriors: An old school fantasy RPG that I have fond memories of.

GearKrieg: GearKreig’s rules (silhouette) are good, but its presentation is terrible. DUST Adventures is the reverse. Mayhap I could Frankenstein something playable with the good parts of each.

Gamma World: The 4e D&D stripped down version, which was – nonetheless – a lot of whacky fun.

Paranoia: Not played in a dog’s age, not sure if the satire holds up so well today, but I can make it.

Call of Cthulhu: One of those games you constantly want to get back to, and somehow never do.

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