#RPGaDay2018 16. Describe your plans for your next game


Whatever we play next will be – in part – down to my group. We always negotiate to try and find something that everyone can enjoy or tolerate, and that the Games Master actually wants to run. We’ve been gaming together long enough that this isn’t the kind of impenetrable gear-grinding deadlock you might think.

That said, I’m tossing a few ideas around.

There’s a lot of games that I own, that I haven’t played (a flaw in being a designer and collector) and which I’d like to. Doing a different game – with pre-gens – each session as a sort of ‘taster’ or smorgasbord could be a fun thing to do and a change from the longer campaigns we more typically run.

I did write a conversion for the Destiny computer game, to be able to run it using the Cypher System (Numenera). We played a one-off game of that at our little friends-only con last year and it was, amazing, a lot of fun. I might like to return to that at some point.

Otherwise, I have a hankering to run my own Machinations of the Space Princess game in more of a campaign setting. It’ll help me to produce support material to sell and I’m sure I can have a lot of fun with it, cutting loose in something that doesn’t have a huge and unwieldy lore setting around it.

Then there’s the other games in various stages of development that need playtesting…

Yeah, tricky to decide when you have an embarrassing number of potential choices.

I will, hopefully, be starting to do some streamed games on my Youtube channel at some point. So, tentatively, if you’re interested and can do UK hours, let me know.

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