#RPGaDay2018 14. Describe a failure that became amazing


My Cyberpunk players were escorting a tanker of Chooh2 (alcohol fuel) through an area. This was as a part of the Land of the Free/Home of the Brave module for Cyberpunk 2020, if I remember correctly. They were stopped off at an abandoned gas station/town when they were attacked by a band of Nomads in the hire of one of their many enemies.

They dove for their vehicles, seeking to turn this into a road chase where they felt they had something of an advantage. One of the characters, a heavily borged-up Solo clambers into the truck and swings it around to try and get out of the dunes and ruins.

One of the Nomads, seeing this fat, wallowing, ripe target of a fuel tanker stands up on the back of the pick-up truck he’s riding, and lets off an RPG at the tanker. It hits, it penetrates the armour, desperately trying to be fair I only give it a chance of igniting and exploding.

It does.

The Solo in the cockpit is engulfed by a massive explosion. We start rolling damage and working out exactly how much he takes. Thanks to extensive skull and trunk modification his body-core and brain are relatively unhurt, but all four cyberlimbs are blown off. His flaming body takes flight, blown clear of the explosion at a considerable rate of knots.

I mentally lay a 10 x 10 grid over the thumbnail sketch of the gas station/town I’ve doodled and roll a scatter to see where he lands.

He lands on the town well, doing enough damage (rolled) to break through the old wooden boards and to fall down the shaft.

I roll to see which way up he is.

Head first.

He survives an enormous explosion, a limbless, fireball flight across a town, a fall down a well, only to drown in the couple of inches of water at the bottom of a gunked up well.

That was definitely an heroic failure.

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