#RPGaDay2018 13. Describe how your play has evolved


I much prefer to be the Games Master. When it comes to playing I tend to go with fairly high-concept characters that don’t necessarily mesh that well with the game or the rest of the group. Even if that limits the amount of time I am playing or contributing, I still find those more interesting characters to play (like the SF writer whose frozen head was evacuated to the Moon during the fall, in Eclipse Phase).

Over time my Games Mastering style has developed to the point where I find most one-off games unsatisfying. I much prefer longer campaigns where I can really get into the swing of the world, get the players invested, reflect the changes that they create in the setting and allow a story to emerge naturally over time. That isn’t to say I just sit back and let it happen, rather I set about creating a world in which Plots(tm) are already in progress and which the players are likely to find themselves intersecting with.

I’ve always been a freewheeling Games Master, but my preference for improvisation (and simple systems that make improvisation easier) has only grown over time. I’m just seeking ā€“ always seeking ā€“ for that sweet spot between trad-gaming and story-gaming that fits me just right.

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I’m an independent RPG (and other games) designer and author. You can check out my stuff via the links at the side of postmortemstudios.wordpress.com. If you feel so inclined, after a look around, you can support me at patreon.com/grimachu, Minds.com/grimachu or steemit.com/@grimjim. Questions and queries are welcome, remember, ‘Nullius in verba’!

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