#RPGaDay2018 12. Wildest character concept?


Perhaps the strangest character I ever played was an intelligent virus. This was in the groundbreaking RPG ‘Over the Edge’ which is about to enjoy a comeback with a new edition. Over the Edge practically challenges you to come up with the most over the top and peculiar character idea that you can, and the setting itself is like Philip K Dick and William Burroughs had a love-child that took after Hunter S Thompson.

The system is loose and narratively based enough that you can play just about anything, although it may not be terrible effective. ‘My’ ability to take over and operate communally through hosts was an edge power, and so I was not terribly good at it, nor were the various hapless people I infected terribly competent. Nonetheless, having an instant flash-mob at your beck and call and being able to take a few, unimportant casualties along the way proved incredibly useful.

As a GM the wildest bunch of characters I was ever presented with were for Deadlands: Wasted West. Everyone loaded themselves up on so many flaws in pursuit of chips to spend to boost their roles that the game practically ran itself. Chaos was unleashed the moment the pyromaniac character’s imaginary leprechaun friend told him to burn things or the gunslinger was goaded into action by being reminded he was supposed to be a hero.

Fun times.


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