#RPGaDay2018 11. Wildest character name?


I’m usually the Games Master and names are the hardest part of being a player – let alone the Games Master. I have an inordinate fondness for puns, which I have to keep in check or every game would be reduced to a laughing stock. Typically if I’m stuck for a name I find a random online name generator of approximately the right culture or leaf through a book and combine a couple of names from people who worked on the book (or backed it on Kickstarter).

Perhaps the most memorable recent name was ‘Gimothy Stickfinger’ (pronounced Jimothy, his parents couldn’t spell). A ‘loveable street starfish’ from my Iron Kingdoms game, who was about to get hung from the gallows for severing a fishmongers John Thomas when the PCs stepped in.

Certain themes for names stick in my head, though I haven’t used them… yet.

Places, or other things, that sound like names: Like… Leon Solent, Avon Calling, Stirling Silver, Accrington Stanley, Armitage Shanks or Winterbourne Bassett.

Group Themes: Slim and Nunn. Worth, Erst and Mean – the While Brothers. Aunties Climax, Matter, Disestablishmentarism and Pasto.

There are also some unspeakably fabulous names from the Puritans from the English Civil War period. These include such gems as: Praise-God Barebones, If-Christ-had-not-died-for-thee-thou-hadst-been-damned, Fear-Not Helly, Humiliation Hynde and Sorry-for-Sin Coupard.

Perhaps one of my most favourite fictional names, ever, has to be Carl Heinz Pilchards-in-Tomato-Sauce Clayderman, a ‘genius’ musician from Mega City One who abused weather control technology in one of his productions, leading to many deaths. His previous great work ‘Twelve Robotic Chickens Locked inside a Piano’ was only marginally more successful.

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