#RPGaDay2018 – 1 What do you love about RPGs?


Art by kyungnam234

Roleplaying games are massively influential.

RPGs have their hooks in multiple generations of writers, artists, performers and – perhaps most of all – computer game programmers. There’s a reason for that influence and that success and it lies in the (still) unique nature of RPGs.

These days there are plenty of things that computers and other distractions can do better than RPGs can, but there is – as yet – no substitute for the interaction between the Games Master and players and the immersive and responsive world they can create between them. Computers are limited due to the nature of the machines, even procedural worlds and ‘Roguelike’ semi-random levels cannot come close to the freedom an RPG can offer. Board games are easier to pick up and play, with rules that are hard and fast, set, and can be appealed to independent of any particular player. Meanwhile, RPGs are allowing you to do anything – within reason – with rules that can model and represent all manner of different environments and narrative elements, from rules-led emergent play to narrative-led story play.

This openness of RPGs, that you are free to shove a party member into the trap to spring it, to pick up anything and attempt to use it as a weapon, to do the unorthodox and imaginative encourages creative play and imagination, problem solving and the social skills of negotiation and fair-play, as well as the more obvious mathematical and other skills.

Roleplaying is educational without trying to be and – magically – without being boring. It encourages and fosters lifelong friendships and interests and there’s nothing else quite like it. This is why, with all its many drawbacks and issues, and the peculiarly conservative outlook of some in the RPG community, I stick with it and am committed to it as both hobby and living.

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