Grimdark – Ranger

jake-waddington-jake-waddington-main-beauty.pngThe only real thing wrong with the Ranger is the magic. Everything else is pretty much useable as is. We just need to shift the focus and alter a few things to take the setting into account.

Class Features
Hit Points: 6+Con Bonus.#
Heroism: 1d8/Level

Light Armour, Medium Armour, Shields.
Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Hand-Arms, Long-Arms.

Saving Throws

Choose three from Animal Handling, Athletics, Insight, Investigation, Nature, Perception, Stealth and Survival.

Scale Mail, Leather Armour, Warhound, Shortsword, simple melee weaon, dungeoneer’s pack, explorer’s pack, longbow, 20 shots, flintlock rifle…

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