#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Crocvine Biological Area Denial System

toraji-waterfix2Art by Toraji

Crocvine, dubbed ‘F*ckthorn’ by soldiers who have encountered it, is a budget-conscious security system for those who have facilities in swamps, jungles and other biologically diverse and dense areas. Crocvine rapidly grows and sends tendrils over a wide area, attacking and killing anything that enters its zone and using its biomass to increase in size. Crocvine uses patented ‘planimal’ technology, developed by Doctor Allmark, and which is also present in other biological weapons developed by the same lab.

Crocvine CR 4
XP 1200
Large Plantlike Animal
Init +1, Senses: Tremorsense, Perception +15

Defence HP 55
EAC 14, KAC 18
Fort +8, Ref +8, Will +3
Defensive Abilities: Plantlike, Amorphous (ex)

Speed 5 ft
Melee spiked vine +11 (1d6+10 P and grab)
Space 10 ft, Reach 10 ft
Offensive Abilities: Grab (ex)

Str +6, Con +3, Dex +1, Int -5, Wis +1, Charisma +0
Skills: Stealth +10, Survival +10

Environment: Forest, swamp, jungle
Organisation: Solitary

Special Abilities
Grab (Ex): Hits that beat the target’s KAC+4 automatically grapple, if they beat KAC +13 then the target is automatically pinned. Crocvine can grab and grapple any number of enemies.
Amorphous (Ex): Crocvine doesn’t take double damage from critical hits, but does suffer critical hit effects as normal.
Plantlike: The crocvine is considered a plant, or animal, depending which is the worst for it. It gains a +2 save bonus against mind controlling and similar effects, due to its plantlike nature.

Armour Upgrade: Slicksuit Coating
The armour is fitted with a small field generator which, instead of providing a forcefield in the conventional sense, surrounds the wearer with a friction reducing field that increases in effect the more the suit is ‘squeezed’. The practical upshot of which is that your KAC is considered four points higher against grab and grapple attacks. The field itself is invisible, but does emit a very faint hum.

Level 3, Price 1500, Slots 2, Armour Type: Any, Bulk: L

Sharp Solutions Lachete
The Sharp Solutions Lachete is engineered especially for cleaving through dense, alien vegetation. The blade is encased in a low-level power field and is flooded with photonic radiation upon its strikes, tuned to resonate with chlorophyll and similar chemicals in other plants (it can be tuned to suit the local equivalent). As a result, the lachete is extremely disruptive to plants and hacks through them with ease. In practical terms, this means that the blade does double damage against plant and plant-like enemies and if the weapon is in hand while traversing difficult terrain (in the form of vines, bushes or other plant matter) you add 5 ft to your movement through that terrain after halving it. EG: Jensen has a move of 30 ft, in difficult terrain he can only – normally – move 15ft. Armed with a lachete he can move 25 ft.

Lachete: Level 3, Price 600, Damage 1d6 S&E (choose most effective), Bulk L, Special Powered (Capacity 80, usage 1).