#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Hammfist Armour


Art by Young Il Choi

The Hammfist occupies a peculiar position, halfway between heavy armour and powered armour. Designed for boarding actions, close quarter combat and to assist with loading and unloading combat gear in advance deployments it is really neither one thing nor another and excels at neither role. Its usage profile is very narrow, but a handful of troopers – especially marines – swear by it and its efficacy. The Hammfist is being mothballed by those militaries that once used it and many suits are now turning up in the black market and military surplus arenas.

Hammfist Armour: Level 3, Price 3000, EAC Bonus +3, KAC Bonus +10, Maximum Dex Bonus +1, Armour Check Penalty -3, Speed Adjustment -10, Upgrade Slots 1, Bulk 4.

Built in Weapon: Cyberfist 1d8 B damage. The fist is powered with a battery use of 1 every two hours. It also provides the wearer a +2 bonus to strength with one arm while wearing the armour and melee weapons can be wielded in that hand, with an additional +1 damage – this also applies to the base fist.

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