#Starfinder – Starfinder Month – The Kukavalier Exo-Frame


The Balkanin Princedoms are a dense collection of asteroids, planetoids and space stations orbiting a binary pair of blue giant stars. The system is subject to immense tidal forces from its twin stars as well as harsh radiation. This has lead to the Balkinin people being extremely hardy and adaptable folk, known for their stubbornness and bravery. It has also lead to many specialised design decisions, such as the heavy use of humanoid mecha for their adaptability and modularity. The most common of these is the Kukavalier Exo-Frame, designed specifically for low-gravity vacuum-based combat within the system’s high-radiation environment.

The Kukavalier is known for punching above its weight and – so far as standard issue mecha go, is virtually unmatched in this, specific environment.

Kukavalier Exo-Frame
Large Mecha (Space 10ft, Reach 10ft, 16 ft tall).
Speed: 20 ft (full 200 ft, 22 mph)
EAC: 12, KAC: 14, TL: 19, Cover: Full
HP: 50, Hardness: 5
Computer: Mk 3 Duonode +3/+3 two nodes
Security: Anti-Hacking Systems
Sensors: Advanced, Long Range Sensors: +4
Attack: Collision 5d4 B (Personnel scale), DC 12
Attack: Manipulator Arms: 1d4 (Starship scale) damage.
Attack: Hi-Ex Rocket Launcher: Speed 12, Damage 4d8 (Starship scale), Limited Fire: 5
Attack: Tactical X-Gen Gun: Damage 1d12 P, Range 120 ft, 80 rounds of Ammo, Usage 2, Automatic (Typical load-out includes penetrator rounds that ignore 6 Hardness)

New Vehicle/Ship Scale Weapon (Manipulator Arm)
Damage 1d4 – Can pick up and use light starship weapons or heavy personnel weapons, PCU 5, BP 2

NB – You could scale these up to make grappler arms for ships, as in Outlaw Star.

Art by Inka Shu

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