#MayRPGQ2018 Where do you get inspiration for characters, settings or design?


I get my inspiration wherever I can. Ideas tend to sit and percolate for as long as years before coming out in game designs or settings. TThere area few themes that are fairly common to my work, but what really gets my attention is a novelty – something new – or a problem that I find systems don’t really cope well with. My current obsessions are influencing the environment and effective teamwork.

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#WeirdHookMonth – Dancing


The Hook

You’re at a banging ‘old school’ rave in some abandoned farm buildings, far from civilisation. Everything’s pukka until some disco biscuits adulterated with experimental drugs, cause the loved-up ravers to melt into a fleshy mass that wants to hug, love and assimilate everyone.

Suggested System

Blood! Nightlife, WoD.