#RPG #TTRPG #WeirdHookMonth – Poetry

alexander-shatohin-zombiebard-final2The Hook

What would an RPG become?
Would it be a game most fine?
If every time you did something
The action had to rhyme?
Can you slay a dragon
When wordplay comes so hard?
At least there’s finally a reason
To play the part of bard

Suggested System

Any fantasy game with a slightly more whimsical turn.

Art by Alexander Shatohin

3 responses to “#RPG #TTRPG #WeirdHookMonth – Poetry

  1. I feel that this could run
    And players could have fun
    It is certainly good to force players to think
    Have them struggle to make the link
    Whilst a good theory
    I have but one query
    Is blank verse OK?

  2. What kinds of rhytmical rhyme
    Given the short space of time
    Would you let them flaunt
    To earn the experence point
    Would a limerick be just fine?

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