#RPG #WeirdHookMonth – Unusual Textiles


Lately several of the great and good have been catastrophically & publicly going insane, despite no previous history of mental illness. All recover quickly, otherwise the only link between them is a tiny shop on Bond street where Mr Andras sells very black, very psychic, suits.

Suggested System

Unknown Armies, In Nomine or any other urban fantasy/urban horror game would work well.

#My30dayWorld – What is the Most Misunderstood Player Race?

Halfling.pngWhatever my equivalent of halflings ends up being, these will be the most misunderstood race. There will be prejudice against them at all levels of society and in all ways. This will range from simple distrust and dislike to the degree of treating them as pests, in much the same way we would treat rats. While they’ll be known as thieves and pests to most other races, they will have a unique and interesting culture that explains and covers much of their behaviour, as it is seen by outsiders…

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