#WeirdHookMonth #RPG #TTRPG – Musical Instruments


1966. South American Nazis, realising their age, pursue occult instruments. The viol of Erich Zann, but also a shawm, cittern, spinet and tabor, all made of the dead. Each is powerful, but in concert, in West Berlin, they will summon Azathoth to cleanse the city & trigger WWIII.

Suggested System

Cold City by Contested Ground Studios, if you want something more story-game related, The Laundy Files if you’re more traditional.

Art by Alex Wucherer



#My30dayWorld – What is the Tech Level? Does Magic Integrate?


The overall technological level of the world will be that of the 17th century. There will be firearms at the level of the matchlock, cannon, simple grenades and so forth, but they will not – yet – have completely replaced the value of close-quarter arms, especially given the existence of magic and magical materials. Does magic integrate with this technology? Certainly, as an extension of the conventional ideas of magical weapons in your bog-standard fantasy worlds. So you could – very well – end up with a +3, double-barrelled, flaming flintlock pistol-axe, or a ‘+1 Breast Plate of Bullet Resistance’, though within the narrative it will never be these sorts of explicit terms…

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