#AprilTTRPGmaker People who’ve helped you?

f05cff5a4bfd71d088eaf9dfe657839b--best-friend-cards-best-friends-funnySteve Jackson Games gave me (us) our first break (though I’m still sore over Munchkin).

Ubermunchkin, who wrote that first book with me.

My dad who nurtured my interest in sci-fi, fantasy and games.

Mongoose Publishing who gave me my first freelancing gigs.

Dave Allsop who trusted me with his baby.

Angus Abranson, the nexus point of the UK gaming industry and a good friend.

Long time artistic collaborator, Brad.

DarkZel – miss you all the time buddy.

Bar, who invested money at the worst possible time to do so but doesn’t hold a grudge.

The friends who stood steadfast during the storms of controversy – you know who you are.

Everyone who has supported the DarkZel scholarship.

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