#RPG #TTRPG #My30dayWorld – How Safe is it to Travel in Your World?

mountains landscapes rocks fantasy art the elder scrolls caravan the elder scrolls iii morrowind_www.artwallpaperhi.com_78

Fantasy worlds, or at least the interesting ones, are full of monsters, megafauna, hostile tribes, peoples and humanoids and – in this setting – mutated and twisted lands and creatures on top of that. So, travel is – putting it mildly – incredibly unsafe. The consequence of this is that cities are fortresses – as much or more than in the real world – and only well-plied and well-patrolled roads are truly safe. This is an idea I have used before, and only seems sensible in most fantasy worlds in games that I’ve ever read or played in, but is rarely implemented. It’s an idea almost as old as my independent RPG career, first showing up in Cloak of Steel and cemented by a viewing of Attack on Titan…

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