#AprilTTRPGmaker Favourite game to relax with

PbHaUVDhS4-Chan is my waifu.

Tabletop games aren’t really ‘relaxing’ for me. Usually I’m running them – which is how I like it – but even when I’m a player it’s not really ‘relaxing’. It’s fun, engaging and all that, but your brain is far too engaged with figuring out plots, schemes and tactics that you don’t relax.

To relax I tend to play computer games, PC too, but mostly I’m a console peasant, because it’s simple just ‘plug and play’ and you don’t have to worry about specs.

If I really want to relax I’ll play something zen or repetitive. Minecraft is good because you can just zone out while you dig and – bit by bit – build ‘something’. Otherwise I tend to enjoy RPGs, open world games and FPS with good plot or extended play (something like Far Cry is far more fun for me than – say Call of Duty).

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